What is a Level 2 ASP electrician?

To work as a legal and qualified electrician in Australia they need to have an ASP qualification. ASP stands for Accredited and Authorised Service provider. It is a great way to ensure when you are looking for a level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire, that you get one that is legitimate, qualified and certified. There are actually three levels of certification, so here is a look at them all, but especially with a focus on what a level 2 does.

Understanding Electricians ASP Level 1

An ASP Level 1 electrician can perform general repairs and maintenance, can connect businesses and homes to the power grid, and can carry out some installations. Specifically, they can; • Hang, lay and joint electrical cables • Assemble power poles including private ones • Help excavate trenches to reach underground cables • Help construct and work as part of a substation • Work with live cables

Understanding Electricians ASP Level 2

A level 2 electrician can do level 1 work but what they can with the network is extended. They can work on overhead and underground live services, and they have special knowledge and working safely on several complicated procedures. Some of the specific jobs they can do are; 

• D&R, or disconnect and reconnect. They can supply a building with power or cut it. It happens if you have received an electrical defect notice because possibly there is a problem with something like a private pole connection or point connection. 
• Doing work on wiring systems and service conductors underground. It includes removing and replacing local electrical distributors, putting in, moving, upgrading and connecting service lines underground and replacing devices for service protection. 
• Also working on service conductors and lines overhead. This includes the installation, relocation, connection and upgrading of said lines, removing and replacing local electrical distributors, and overhead devices for service protection. 
• A level 2 electrician Sutherland Shire will do work on network service equipment. This includes energising the equipment, replacing and removing it, installing, upgrading, moving and connecting fuses and service protection devices.

Understanding Electricians ASP Level 3

You might assume that going up in level is significant of skill or access level or some such. But it is not and Level 3 electricians are quite different to level 1 electricians and a level 2 electrician. These are the ones who focus on designing and the distribution of overhead or underground networks. They do not perform repairs, maintenance, connecting or installations.

Need a level 2 electrician?

If you have a private power pole to install, a meter that needs repairing, a house that needs reconnecting to the power grid, then you need a level 2 ASP electrician. If you need just some general home repairs, or some new power sockets added, that is something a level 1 can handle. But if you are unsure about what level you need just talk to the electrical services you use. They can listen to what you need and will know what kind of electrician is best for the job.

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