How Yoga is Beneficial to Add Years to Your Life!

Are you looking for the time to give it to yourself? If you are also in this queue, its time to get up and set your mind by the benefits and need of Yoga in your life. Yoga is not only a physical activity Rather it is also related to Relaxation. Meditation is the best Example of Relaxation. Meditation is a practice in which we focus our mind to achieve a calm and stable state. This Exercise is being Practiced since Years Ago for removing Stress, Depression, Anxiety, and increasing the peace of focused mind. Doing Meditation We only need is to sit in a Full-lotus Position while keeping our eyes closed and focus at the center of your forehead known as the third eye. By Involving in Regular Physical Activity you can keep yourself physically fit, Prevent Disease, and Helps to Recover From any Disease.

Yoga is getting Popular Day by Day as United Nations General Assembly declared 21 June as "INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY" since 2015. Yoga gets its origin from Ancient India. There is restorative yoga as well as power yoga. According to your interest, you can select in between which excites you the most. Involving in regular Yoga practice benefits our body both from inside as well as outside.
Diabetes, stress, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, heart diseases, and hypertension are growing faster these days as our lifestyle is being changed. To get a fit and a healthy body from inside every other person should involve him/herself in doing regular exercises so that you can gain the benefits of yoga.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

* Strengthen your Heart
By involving in regular exercise blood circulation is improves which in turn improves your heart health by lowering the blood pressure and the pulse rate. To get a healthy heart constant yoga practice should be done so that you can decrease heart attack problems. Stress is the main cause of heart attacks, yoga is the way from which you can calm your mind and body and make heart-healthy.

* Good Immunity
Yoga offers a great deal of support and wellness for your body and mind as a whole. Many poses directly benefit our immune system like Shalabasana-locust pose, Anjaneyasana-low lunge pose, Bakasana-crow pose, Tadasana-mountain pose, and Krupa chaturanga Dandasana-four-limbed staff pose on elbows. Good immunity plays a major role in a healthy person as it makes a person fit from inside. If a person has good immunity any disease would not affect him easily. So to get a healthy and disease-free body makes your immunity strong by involving in the above poses.

* Reduces Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
Yoga is a way to cope up with these Symptoms. Regular involvement in Yoga decreases the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone. Meditation is a practice to get a relaxed mind. By doing regular meditation you can notice a changing personality from inside. Meditation develops concentration, self-discipline, and a positive mood. In today's life where we all are involved in our busy schedules, we should take out some time to relax oneself so that we can keep ourselves away from the negative thoughts which cause anxiety, depression, and stress.

* Increasing Flexibility and Muscle Strength
Yoga is a key to increase your flexibility and muscle strength. As you start doing yoga for the first time you will notice that you would not be able to touch your feet properly, but after some time you can notice the flexibility which you can get by doing regular practice of yoga. By increasing flexibility, your muscles start building and you can look younger. By strong muscles, a strong body core is built. A strong core helps to reduce and heal injuries.

* Improves Breathing
There are many poses in yoga that help improve our Breath. Pranayama or yogic breathing is an exercise in which you inhale, exhale, and hold your breath. By doing Pranayama not only you can get an improved breath but you can also improve sleep quality, decreased stress, reduces high blood pressure, improves lung functioning, etc. In yoga, we can get many benefits from just one pose of exercise.

* Improves Sleep Quality
Restorative asana(yoga Nidra), Pranayama, meditation, and Savasana provides relief from the commotion of modern life. If you have a good sleep of 8 hours you get to prepare yourself for the next busy day. By the regular practice of yoga, you can improve your sleep quality. Good sleep means you are free from stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

* Relief from Headaches and Migraine 
Is there any natural way to fight with these problems? The answer is 'yes'. Yoga is the way other than Medication to help overcome this pain. Some postures are helpful to reduce the migraine attack. Regular practice of these postures stimulates the Vagus nerve, which relieves from the problem of Migraine.


After studying the benefits of yoga we are confirmed with many physical and mental benefits. Benefits can only be got by bringing the regularity in Practice. By not wasting our valuable time we all should roll out our yoga mat, repose for some time every day Because you never know your life gives you a second chance or not So, Get up and listen to your body and add years to your life.

Stay fit! Stay healthy!

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