Make Your Online Shopping Safe by Knowing the Pros and Cons of it!

Wants to live a cashless life? Wants to save your time? Wants to shop but don't want to go out? All such types of questions often come to our minds. Online shopping is the Solution of all Questions. It has become a trend of this 21st century. Online shopping means purchasing the products while lying on your bed. Life has become very easy by online shopping as we know that people are very much busy in earning their livelihood. Any person can buy anything like Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, kitchen products, electronics, etc. You don't need to have cash in your pocket at the time of shopping, You just have to enter your bank details for transferring money to that online site. You don't have to move from your house, As the delivery man comes to deliver your ordered product at your doorstep. For many products, delivery charges are also free. Online shopping has given an enormous amount of push in this COVID-19 pandemic, by keeping ourselves safe from the exchange of cash.

Know a day, there are many online sites which are ready 24*7 to fulfill our demand. These sites are designed in such a way that it is very easy to use and you can also get many advantages of offers and sale from time to time on every product. Like every coin has two sides in the same way online shopping has also two sides in the form of pros and cons. We don't need to worry about the cons but we should be beware about it while doing cashless shopping.

Pros of Online Shopping:-

* Saves Time
By doing online shopping you can save your time as by sitting anywhere you can order anything and there is no need to go anywhere. The delivery man comes to your doorstep to deliver your ordered product.

* Better Prices with More Variety
Online shopping gives more variety of products at better prices as the product comes directly from the manufacturer to the customer without any middlemen. Larges variety of colors, sizes, and designs are available in online shopping. Many customers get discount coupons while ordering the products which can be redeemed at your next order. From time to time sales on different products are also given by the shopping sites in which you get the product at its half cost.

* No Crowds and No Pressure
For shopping, many products we have to go to some crowded places mainly during festivals season or weekends there becomes a pressure on your mind as you left your home till you come back by purchasing that thing and sometimes you don't get the product of your choice because of the rush and crowd on public places. Seller puts the pressure on the customer's mind by his selling techniques and then in a hurry we purchase the product. By shopping online you don't need to purchase in a hurry and anybody's pressure.

* Convenience and Comfortable
You can shop from anywhere and anytime in online shopping. No need to get ready for going out, You can shop while lying on your bed in pajamas. Online sites are available 24/7 to get our orders. No need to wait in a long queue for getting our bills ready.

* Cashless Shopping
In online shopping, there is a benefit of being cashless as you can pay with your debit and credit cards. There is no need to have money in your pocket. Besides the option of payment by card, there is another option cash on delivery, You can also pay by this option.

Cons of Online Shopping:-

* Risk of Frauds
In online shopping, there can be a chance of phishing, debit and credit card fraud, fraud sites, hacking, etc. While purchasing an online product the person should know the site and should be very much careful while entering your card details.

* Wastage of Time
For online shopping, you have to search for many products as there is a large variety of products. This consumes a lot of time in scrolling and searching for your size, color, and design. So there are the chances of wastage of your valuable time which we can save by purchasing the product from the market.

* Shipping Delays
This problem occurs many a time. Even the best shopping site delays in shipping. For online shopping, you have to wait for the product until it reaches your doorstep. There are many products like gifts that need to be delivered within time but because of bad shipping, we have to suffer in online shopping.

* Complications in Returning the Product
The return of the product becomes necessary when you don't like the color or the size is not fits you. Complications can occur while returning the product as the online sites have many formalities from which we get frustrated. This problem is not faced when we shop from our local markets.

* Delivery of Different Products
There are many chances that while shopping online we get a different color, size, or design. Sometimes, When the product is delivered to us we don't like the product as there are chances of seeing the same product on screen and in reality. In this way, you have to face difficulty in online shopping.

* Packaging not good 
Many times there are chances that you get a cracked product especially if you ordered any electronics product or a makeup product because of bad packaging done by the companies. This creates a lot of problems while returning the product is getting a refund from that.

Bottom Line  

E-commerce trend is increasing day by day as every company wants to satisfy his customer in the best possible way. The cons of online shopping which customers have to face are also being solved by many big companies. There are some points we should keep in our mind while shopping online so that we don't have to face the cons side of online shopping is:-

  • Negative and Positive Reviews of customers of the site from which we are purchasing the product.
  • Customers' data is being kept Confidential and private so that we don't have to face problem while entering our card details. 
  • Time from which that company is in existence.  
  • Refund policy if the customer doesn't like the product.

If you are sure about the above-mentioned points of any online site then you can enjoy your happy and safe shopping. Skip the  Vague shopping sites and go for Reliable sites and enjoy your shopping.


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