5 Curtain Hacks That Will Help Make Your Tiny Space Look Bigger

No matter how huge our houses are, they never seem to be quite big enough for us! Right?

We couldn’t agree more about the fact that some (or maybe most) people would wish they had a huge, fancy house with all these generous spaces for that kitchen island and home bar. But the thing is, with bills and living costs constantly rising, more and more residents are now learning to appreciate the benefits of small living, which also means living with a smart choice.

If you think your house is too small for your needs and you just wish it were bigger, we feel your pain. But we’re glad to let you know that even the smallest living space looks bigger and brighter when you try to install curtain panels that are backed up with some of our amazing hacks to help make your small room look more spacious. Try these clever hacks for your curtains and believe it or not, your house will be unrecognisable before long.

Choose lightweight fabrics.

While everyone prefers thickness when it comes to any fabric’s quality, those who are living in smaller houses should opt for light-weight fabrics for their curtains. Heavy fabrics can easily absorb light and weigh the room down, making it appear smaller. To make sure you’re keeping the goal of making your space look bigger, apply curtains that are made of light-weight materials such as linen for it helps make the room feel airy and wide.

Opt for vertical stripe patterns.

The same way when fashion gurus say you look taller in vertical stripe shirts, choosing sheer, lightweight curtains with vertical stripe patterns can add height, texture, and airiness to a small space. While vertical stripes are the safest patterns, other designs you need to avoid are heavily-coloured horizontal patterns and large-flowered prints. These patterns may tend to dominate or crowd the room and that creates a feeling of having less space in the area.

Keep curtains and walls in the same hues. 

Another clever method of choosing the right curtains to help you out with your goal is by using the same hues for your curtains as you have your walls. It’s fun and tempting to choose vivid colours but we all know that white makes everything look bigger. However, if pure white looks a little dull to you can opt for light, soft colours that still match your walls. This way blends the curtains into the walls, creating an illusion of additional empty space in the room. This strategy is better than intruding your available space which makes your room look smaller.

Hang the panels high.

Once you’ve gathered all the light and vertical striped curtains to dress your windows, the next step would be mounting the curtain rods in place. We often install the rods on top of the window frame without knowing that the best way to make the room appear more spacious is by mounting the rods a little higher until they get close to the ceiling. This way draws the eye upward, along the entire length of the curtains, creating an illusion of height and space.

Extend the rods to their maximum.

Several curtain rods are available in adjustable features, providing a dual function of extending to curtain’s maximum width and creating an illusion of spaciousness. If you try to extend a decorative curtain rod to its maximum width, you can open the curtains completely and frame any furniture that is placed in front of it. This way makes the window look bigger, allowing more light into the room. The brighter the room gets, the more spacious it becomes.

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