5 Common Style Mistakes Every Tall Man Should Avoid Making

In a world full of social cache for height, being a tall man has its advantages. They are picked first for basketball teams. Can date any girl they want, whether short or tall. They get better career opportunities, in fact. But I have to leave it with such an old saying, “Nobody’s perfect.”.

Despite all the privileges given to tall peeps, sometimes they get treated poorly, too. From, compact cars to airline seats with insufficient room to extend their knees and even menswear shopping has no exception because off-the-rack clothing is generally designed for guys under six feet tall. Hence, when it comes to style, tall men are more prone to dressing up the wrong way. Luckily, there are helpful ways tp correct this.

Styling rules are set not to ridicule those people who are in need of real fashion statement but to guide them to better styling where they can be more comfortable and confident in their own skin. For tall guys, the point of dressing well is not to hide or camouflage their height but to look proportional and elegant with the right choice of menswear, especially when mainstream clothes are better designed for average-height men. To ensure a tall guy does not risk his outfit to look like a stumbling giraffe on his way home, we let you know some of the style mistakes you’re doing and support them with relevant ways on how to dress well when you’re six-feet tall and up. 

You wear ill-fitting clothes.

Shopping around off-the-rack dress shirts, you often find pieces with loose collars, tight shoulders, and short arm lengths, which can totally make you look more giant-like. While it’s impossible to find the perfect items in off-the-rack sections, it is safe to pay extra for custom dress shirts that will fit you like they were made for you. Sometimes, the only way to save your style problem is to find clothes that can be customised to your measurement. A made-to-measure shirt will always be worth the pay even in the long run.

You opt for vertical stripes.

If you are a fan of pin-striped suits or shirts with extremely long vertical stripes, your fascination has to end today. Vertical lines on your clothes are making an illusion of you being taller than your height and you don’t want to look longer and leaner if you already are; so, be careful with vertical stripes. Instead, you can have a subtle-plaid option if you feel more comfortable with printed suits and dress shirts.

Tie is too short or long.

Whether you keep your tie long or short, both ways can only add height to your overall appearance. Take note that the length of your tie should always grace the top of your belt buckle and it should not be shorter or longer than that. What you need to do instead: buy something that hits you at the right place or you can adjust the one you already have, if possible. Do not be conscious if the front length of your tie is longer than the back as it doesn’t matter anymore. Bow ties are also an option to consider.

You always match your entire outfit.

Mixing can work better than matching when you have an extra height to work with. While monochromatic colours from head to toe are seemingly safe to wear, when it comes to tall men, it can be visually elongating. So, choose clothes with contrasting hues to instantly segment or shorten your look.

You go for prints that are too bold.

The bold prints that look cool on average-height guys can end up like a vacay billboard on taller men so be selective when it comes to prints. Instead of choosing bold prints or going monochromatic with solid shirts, try classic prints such as checks and plaids or go for horizontal stripes to help balance out your entire frame.

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