Best Breakfast Spots in Egypt

I’m a food lover, are you? Even not, Breakfast is an important element a normal human being should care about and this is what the experts say. In traveling, if not a food trip, you have to take care and have to keep the balance between your breakfast, lunch, dinner and traveling.

I would say thanks to Virikson Holidays because this is because of them that I got all these experiences and writing to you for years. I mostly help you out about the tips, dos, and don’ts in traveling, destinations as per my experience. Today’s blog is also a great concern for travelers who are traveling to Egypt for the first time. The concern is valid because you can’t do active traveling without a proper breakfast.

Where to find the Finest Breakfast in Egypt?

Egypt is a land of wonders. While exploring the wonders, you at least will take a good breakfast and dinner well. Below are the spots you should get to have the best breakfast experiences.

Cairo Breakfast Experiences:

My experiences in Cairo are so diverse, I can tell all those amazing experiences in some other blog. Right now, if you are intended to visit Cairo in your trip to Egypt, or want to have hints for better breakfast spots. There are many spots like Casper & Gambini, Luci’le's restaurant, and Villa Belle epoque.

The mentioned spots are the most famous names in Cairo to sit and have your finest breakfast experiences. But how can you forget to sit on Ralph’s German Bakery in town?

What matters? For me, at least the finest place to sit like terraces with the natural overviews, secondly the quality food. And I hope your priorities would be the same. The names I have mentioned are the trusted brands in Cairo, along with the other many that you can choose to sit.

Being a traveler, try to take only two meals a day, Breakfast and dinner. Take snacks, water and other light things in between. It can excel in your traveling.

Alexandria has Something More Special:

So you are in a gorgeous city in Egypt, Alexandria. You should know that this is known as the city of old cafes and the best beaches in the country.

Delices is an old name and worth a visit for travelers who are visiting the city for the first time. You will have a woderful food experience there, Delices is mostly famous for its breakfast items, travelers choose this place to sit mostly.

Alban Swissra in Alexandria is also a good breakfast server in the town having the traditional and modern dishes for its distinguished guests. I personally didn’t go to the place but listened to many of the travelers there about this. Now recommending you on that base.

If you want some seafood items in your breakfast and also want to take the authentic tastes of Egypt, head towards Balba3 in Alexandria. It also serves you with the Sandwiches of unique recipes and different tastes. Must visit. For more traditional experiences in the town, sit on the Mohammed Ahmed resturant having unique Egyptian tastes.

Take Some Experiences in Fayoum, Egypt:

If you are in Egypt, you will mist visit the ancient city of Fayoum having a lot of traditional activities for you. Being a newbie, you now need to know where to sit to have a perfect breakfast in the town. So the Blue Donkey is a good name for the locals and travelers to sit.

No, they don’t serve donkeys, it is a brand name and the restaurant has a perfect place for the guests to sit in the finest environment and enjoy their meal. The restaurant is famous for every meal, but if you are searching for a breakfast scene, it serves the best breakfast services.

Wadi Haroun restaurant is another good name in terms of having the perfect traditional Egyptian tastes. What I expect from my trip to be more of the good memories. You are also advised to make your good memories sitting on the perfect spots on your holiday destination and capture the memorable selfies there with the family, and locals if you find any friend there.

Listen, You have another Surprise Here:

We talked in this blog about the restaurants, cafes to have the best breakfast opportunities. But what if you don’t want to go outside for breakfast and want it to be in your hotel room near your bed? Because traveling is all about soothes, calms and relaxed moments. So yes, you are right.

You have an online food delivery option. For this, you have to download a food application mostly used in Egypt. Yumamia, Mumm and Goodsmart are the top suggestions to install in your smartphone. You can have all those tastes near to your bed, Perfect? Have a nice Foody Holidays in Egypt.

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