Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Flowers, DIY Floral Arrangement and Buying Tips

What plans do you have for Valentine's Day this year? What would you gift your partner to express your undying love for them? These questions start popping into everyone's heads just as this lovely holiday gets closer. Many people go for the typical chocolate box and a greeting card, but is that enough to express your feelings for someone you love/like on this romantic day? 

This year, it's your chance to shake things up and express your feelings with flowers, gifts and much more that show how much you love your significant other. Traditionally, people gift roses for Valentine's Day as it symbolises romance and passion. But today, people prefer to give flowers for Valentine's Day, which can help convey their sentiments. So, which flower should you pick? 


All the people who hold eternal love and care in their hearts should send these flowers for Valentine's Day to their partners. It'll show how much affection and passion you feel towards their love. 


If you've been together with your partner for a few years, then a bouquet of daisies would be a perfect gift. It signifies loyal love, patience and simplicity. It's a sweet gesture you make even after being together for all these years. 


Unlike the typical and traditional Valentine's Day flowers, orchids are an exotic and sophisticated choice. They last longer and express your charm, love and thoughtfulness towards your partner. 


Yes, that's right, carnations are one of the best valentine's day flowers for this romantic holiday. However, you should only consider buying the red ones as they represent admiration, deep love and devotion towards your partner. 


No matter how obvious, roses have been and will always be the topmost on the Valentine's Day flowers list. They symbolise romance, love and passion and give people the confidence to express their liking for their crush on this romantic day. 

If you're fascinated by 2-3 flowers and want to gift a mix-match bouquet, you can make your own flower arrangement at any florist's website or DIY floral arrangements. Here are some DIY valentine's day flower arrangement ideas: 

Boxed Arrangement

Pick any non-plastic box of your choice (tea box, glass box, showpiece box), and add pink roses, foliage, and calla lilies to prepare your mix-match bouquet. On the box, you can paste a valentine's day print or a message - I love you would be good. You can take advice from any florist as well while creating this arrangement. 

Heart Arrangement

DIY a heart-shaped roses arrangement to surprise your partner. All you need is a heart-shaped green wet floral foam, fresh red and pink roses, and free flower food samples from any florist shop. You'll also need tools like a thorn stripper, paring knife and garden gloves. The only remaining steps are to soak the foam and hydrate the roses before beginning to arrange them on the heart, starting in the middle. Remember to cut the rose stems. 

Inspiring Floral Vase 

Take out any old vase, repolish, and repaint it for your Valentine's Day flower arrangement. Pick any in-season flowers like roses, tulips, or dahlia, then put it together with evergreen foliage like artemisia and start creating a pretty vase bouquet. 

Conversational Bouquet

Do you remember those heart-shaped conversational candies? They would work very well as a valentine's day present. All you need are two different size glass vases and some roses and tulips. Put the vases together, and in the outer vase, place the candies with the message side facing outside in the other vase, and start placing the blooms. 

If you think these arrangements would be too much work for you, you can always get Valentine’s Day flower delivery in Melbourne and ask them to make a custom arrangement for you. But before you make any calls or place any floral orders, here are a few buying tips for Valentine's Day that you may find helpful: 

Order Early

This romantic holiday is a busy month for florists in Melbourne as everyone is placing their bouquet orders. Thus, it's important to order your bouquet early before florists run out of your partner's favourite blooms. Placing an order in time also gives the florist enough time to dedicate to your arrangement and make it beautiful. 

Choose Quality & Style

Many florists push out their Valentine's Day special section on their website and showcase different arrangement styles they have in store for you. Such local florists in Melbourne show enthusiasm, quality and innovation, which makes it easy for you to pick the right florist for your bouquet. 

Personalise the Arrangement

Every flower holds a different meaning, and gaining knowledge about that will help you add your feelings to the Valentine's Day flowers. So, while you pick your partner's favourite flowers, ask the florist to personalise them with yours. 

Remember to add a small message card telling them how much you like/love them. 

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