8 Ways to Feel Great This Year


2023 is almost upon us, and as such, we thought we’d take a look at some of the ways you can prioritise yourself and feel great this year. Whether that means finally booking in with the Skin Vitality Botox Clinic and getting the treatment you have always wanted or taking that trip you’ve never gotten around to, it’s the year to put yourself first.

In this article, we’re going to look at a few ways you can feel great this year! Take a look now to get some ideas.

Take the trip

In 2023, we’re prioritising ourselves – and that means that it’s time to book that holiday you’ve always wanted to go on. Whether it’s a month’s long road trip around the US or a relaxing weekend break in the Lakes, why not take some time for yourself and tick things off your bucket list.

After the past few years, we’ve all learned that waiting around for the moment we’re ready isn’t good enough. So, get down to your local travel agent and book it, you won’t regret it!

Create savings goals and make a plan to achieve them. One of the best motivators for saving money is having a specific goal in mind. Whether you're aiming to save for a down payment on a house, a new car, or your dream vacation, setting aside money each month will help you reach your goal sooner than you think! Discover how to pick a savings account that aligns with your financial objectives, offering the right combination of interest rates and features to boost your savings journey. To make saving easier, set up automatic transfers into your savings account or create a budget with specific line items for your savings goals. This way, you can make sure that you're always putting away money for the future without having to think about it.

Prioritise your health

Getting on top of your health is a fantastic way to feel great this year. Whether that means joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, or it simply means eating more fruit each day, even small changes can help you to feel great.

It is important to remember that health isn’t always about healthy eating and exercise. Indeed, mental health is just as important, and you could spend some time learning about mindfulness and meditation this year to decrease stress and help you to feel great.

Move away from the toxic people

Another way to feel great mentally is to finally cut loose the toxic people in your life. Have you got a friend who is draining your mental capacity? Or an acquaintance who always makes you feel bad when you see them? 2023 is the time to rid yourself of toxic people and surround yourself with friends who make you smile.

Cutting people out of your life can be difficult, but if they are harming your mental health then it is best to move away from them and try to prioritise your own health first.

Go for the promotion

If you have been undecided about whether or not to go for the big promotion at work, this is your sign. It doesn’t have to be a big promotion, it could be taking a course to elevate your knowledge or taking on a side hustle you’ve always wanted to. But in 2023, we’re going to feel great by progressing our careers.

Find a new job

And if you feel like you’re progressing in the wrong career, 2023 is also the year to change course. Whether you dislike where you work or want a total change of career, it’s time to take the leap and find your new path.

Changing jobs is a big deal, and obviously, we don’t recommend doing it without really thinking it through. However, no one should be unhappy in their work if they can help it!

Open a savings account

Being financially stable will help you to feel great this year, too. So, opening a savings account, getting a handle on your finances, or starting to build a pension pot are all ways you can have some peace of mind and feel better financially in 2023.

Do something for yourself

There are so many things we put off doing because we’re worried about what people think. From getting a tattoo, to trying out cosmetic surgery, to dying your hair a bright colour, why not try something new for yourself this year?

Take up a new hobby

Having a hobby can make you feel great mentally. It gives you time each week to focus on yourself and to do something you enjoy. You could take up an instrument, join a painting class, or learn a new skill and take some time for yourself in 2023.

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