Tesla's secret weapon: Stockal helps you invest like the pros

The struggle for EV dominance has intensified. By introducing new technology and to make EVs accessible to everyone, Tesla has upended the car industry globally and rocked the foundations of the biggest manufacturers in the world. “What’s behind you doesn’t matter.” Enzo Ferrari's famous phrase has applications outside of the world of racing. Woe, sort of, to the defeated. The rivalry between Tesla and the "automotive establishment," like Volkswagen, appears to operate under many of the same principles. People tend to view those businesses and their executives as rivals in a competition.

Tesla saw a record high of $414.50 less than a year ago. In contrast, it has now fallen by more than half, hitting a new 52-week low at $198 last week as a result of the industry's greatest bear market since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, a deteriorating economy, and the global financial crisis itself. 

However, Tesla still has great commercial potential, especially in the long run. Here are a few reasons investors should buy the stock now that it is declining. People have considered buying a Tesla for years, but nobody has taken the jump. Is it appropriate to delve more into the specifics of how to buy Tesla shares in India? Let's read more to find out.

Market Share Battle revving up - VW just behind Tesla

If you are reading up on how to buy Tesla shares in India, you might have come across news of its current rivals as well. After selling about 936,200 electric car units in 2021, Tesla was named the industry's best-selling electric vehicle company. Tesla has a market share of about 14 percent based on its sales volume. Among the runners-up were BYD and Volkswagen Group.

The rivalry between Tesla and the "automotive establishment," like Volkswagen, appears to operate under many of the same principles. People have a reflexive tendency to view those businesses and their executives as rivals in a competition. On the one side, there is the e-mobility innovator Tesla, which has upended the entire industry under the leadership of their self-described technoking. On the other hand, a well-known German automaker that was formed in 1937 and frequently swaps places with Toyota in the list of the biggest automakers worldwide (at present, Toyota has a narrow lead). 

What is Tesla’s Secret Weapon?

Tesla is attempting to achieve the following 3 efficiencies with the Giga Press:

The Giga Press is made in Italy by Idra and has a clamping force between 55,000 and 61,000 kilonewtons. For the Model Y, Tesla employs it to create the front and rear underbody castings. With the help of two or three massive castings, Tesla has replaced assemblies that once contained up to 70 separate parts, streamlining production and generating enormous financial savings.

  • Tesla is introducing quick die-casting equipment to revolutionize the auto business and build automobiles 3x faster.

  • To reduce the vehicle's weight, Tesla has built a new battery pack that joins the front and back body panels. In contrast to a pack coupled to the chassis with several metal parts, it acts as a crucial structural part of the vehicle, reducing production costs and lightening the vehicle itself.

  • These technologies utilize molten aluminum to build most of the chassis in a single piece, obviating the requirement for a 60-part assembly and 200 industrial robots, lowering the overall cost of the EV.

The obstacles, however, include the production risk involved in experimenting with new methods and the requirement for local authority consent, creating issues for Tesla. On the other hand, the German automobile company VW has recently disclosed its plans for a new EV manufacturing facility.

First of all, Tesla's narrative serves as yet another shining example of how the US continues to offer more fertile soil for truly disruptive technologies that upend entire industries, possibly more so than any other region of the world. It undoubtedly helps a lot because the US has such a large market and there are few legislative obstacles for newcomers to introduce their solutions, test them, and improve them in real-world settings. About Tesla, this has shown to be incredibly true.

How Tesla Competes in the International Market

Tesla's car sales, at over $44.1 billion USD, accounted for most of its revenue for 2021. Model X and Model 3 products, initially targeted at customers in the high-end segment of the market, were duped by Model 3 and Model Y products, representing almost 94 percent of Tesla's car deliveries by the model in the second quarter of 2022. With the Model 3 and the Model Y introduction, Tesla is now aiming for broader client categories. The second-generation Roadster and the eagerly awaited Cybertruck have anticipated additions to Tesla's current product portfolio. Tesla continues to focus primarily on the American market, but it also has its sights set on the European and Chinese markets.

Due in part to the prominence of the plug-in hybrid electric models by BYD, the brand came in second place to BYD Auto in 2021 sales in China. With the Model 3 and Model Y ranking as the best-sellers in the first half of 2022, Tesla did well in Europe. Although the brand has success locally, it still has to contend with regional automakers in the national markets of Europe. The Model 3 came in fifth place among the top models of alternative fuel cars and light commercial vehicles in France, trailing Asian manufacturer Toyota and European names like Dacia and Renault.

How to buy Tesla shares in India?

The options available on Stockal which are listed below could help you figure out how to buy Tesla shares in India:

You can buy pre-assembled stacks of stocks and ETFs with just one click. They are created by portfolio managers, seasoned wealth management corporations, international asset management companies, and hedge funds. These securities are frequently a part of numerous pre-assembled portfolios centered on different subjects or concepts, such as capital goods, healthcare, internet technology, ESG, and electric vehicles. Stockal's Stacks effectively allows you to maintain your money in the proper assets and enhance your wealth. Stockal offers investing solutions with an emphasis on US EV stocks.

  • Direct investment in US Auto Stocks 

When making a direct investment, you can buy stocks in any of the abovementioned industries. With Stockal, you may invest quickly and simply in the stocks of businesses producing electric vehicles. You can invest as little as a fraction of a dollar with Stockal, letting you choose the size of your investment to best suit your budget. 

There can be restrictions on how many Tesla stocks one can purchase, if you're wondering how to acquire Tesla stocks in India. In addition to the approach, it also requires in-depth knowledge of the Electric vehicle market and its players. Investing in electric vehicle equities can also be done via sector-tracking exchange traded funds, which are available on Stockal. The risk of investing in ETFs is lower because of its diversity. 

Now that you know the options available, head to Stockal to find out how to buy Tesla shares in India in detail. 

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