Social Egg Freezing: The Female Fertility Preservation Solution

When it comes to infertility, many people believe there is nothing you can do about it- at least up until now. Social egg freezing allows women to preserve their eggs so that they might be fertilized when the time is right and implanted into the woman's womb for pregnancy. While there are still some limitations to social egg freezing, learn more in this article about how this new solution is changing the game of fertility preservation.

The Benefits of Social Egg Freezing

When a woman freezes her eggs, she puts a pause button on her biological clock. It gives her the freedom to focus on her career, travel, or other life goals without the added pressure of finding a partner to start a family with.

There are many benefits to social egg freezing, including

1. Increased fertility: A woman's fertility begins to decline in her mid-to-late twenties and continues to do so as she ages. By freezing her eggs at an earlier age, a woman can increase her chances of having a baby later in life.

2. More time to find the right partner: One of the most common reasons women choose to freeze their eggs is that they still need to find the right partner to start a family. By freezing her eggs, a woman can take the time to find the man of her dreams without worrying about rushing into a relationship to start a family.

3. Greater control over fertility: Egg freezing gives a woman greater control over her fertility. She can decide when (or if) she wants to have children without relying on anyone else's timing or schedule.

4. Improved success rates: With advances in egg-freezing technology, the success rates for pregnancy and live birth using frozen eggs have improved dramatically in recent years. Some studies suggest that the success rates for pregnancy and live birth using frozen eggs are now similar to those using fresh eggs.

5. Reduced financial burden: Egg freezing can be expensive, but it is often much less costly than traditional fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). And, because egg freezing doesn't require the use of expensive fertility drugs, the overall cost of treatment is often lower than that of IVF.

What to Expect from the Procedure

When you elect to undergo social egg freezing, you can expect the process to take several weeks from start to finish. A fertility specialist should be consulted in the first instance to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. The next step is to start taking fertility medications to encourage your ovaries to produce more eggs than they would typically once it has been determined that you are.

When the eggs are deemed mature, you undergo a minor surgical procedure called egg retrieval. It is done under anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes. You will then need frequent ultrasounds and blood tests to monitor your progress and egg development.

After the retrieval, the eggs are immediately frozen. They can be stored for many years, and when you're ready to start a family, they will be thawed and fertilized with sperm through in-vitro fertilization (IVF). The resulting embryos will be transferred into your uterus in hopes of achieving a pregnancy.

How Social Egg Freezing Works

When it comes to preserving your fertility, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, for women who want to delay childbearing for personal or professional reasons, social egg freezing (SEF) may be the best option.

Who is a good candidate for social egg-freezing?

Almost any woman of childbearing age can Freeze their eggs. Still, SEF is often recommended for women who:

  • Are you about to undergo cancer treatment

  • Have a family history of early menopause

  • Have endometriosis

  • Are you planning to delay childbearing for personal or professional reasons? 

How long do frozen eggs last? 

Frozen eggs can theoretically be stored indefinitely, but most fertility clinics recommend using them within ten years. What are the success rates of social egg-freezing? 

The Costs of the Procedure

There are a few costs associated with social egg freezing, including the procedure and storing your eggs. The cost of the system can vary depending on the clinic you choose and whether or not you need fertility medication. The process typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000. Storing your eggs generally is around $500-$1,000 per year.

Applying for Social Egg Freezing

When it comes to fertility preservation, more and more women are turning to social egg freezing to keep their options open. Here is information about applying for social egg freezing that you should know if you consider taking this route.

To ascertain if you are a viable candidate for egg freezing, you should first speak with a fertility specialist. This consultation will include a complete physical examination and a medical history review. Once your fertility specialist has determined that you are a good candidate for egg freezing, they will work with you to create a customized treatment plan.

 Treatment typically involves taking medications to stimulate the ovaries and produce multiple eggs. Once the eggs are mature, they are retrieved through a minor surgical procedure called ovarian stimulation retrieval (OSR). The retrieved eggs are then frozen and stored until you're ready to use them.

One of the main benefits of social egg freezing is that it gives you the flexibility to pursue your career and personal goals without worrying about your reproductive future. It's also important to note that social egg freezing does not guarantee success in getting pregnant later on, but it does give you the option of using your eggs rather than relying on donor eggs or IVF with a surrogate.

If you're considering social egg freezing, consult a fertility specialist to get started.


If you're a woman considering freezing your eggs, know that you're not alone. As more women choose to put off having children in favor of their careers, social egg-freezing is growing in popularity. While the process isn't without its risks, you may feel more at ease knowing that you can start a family when it is right for you.

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