Best Web Design Tips to Impress Your Customers

The main goal of all online businesses all around the world is to have more customers. The enthusiasm of making your business grow more, would never end. Hence, all online business owners are after attracting more customers to their business. They must also do whatever it takes to not let their current customers go, so their business will enjoy a growing network of loyal customers.

Now, the question here is what they must be doing to attract more people to their business as well as keep their current customers and not let them go.

Your website is like the showcase of your business. It plays a crucial role on your visitors’ behaviour when entering into your website. If your website’s appearance and functionality satisfy a visitor, a new loyal customer is most likely about to be added to your customer list. Therefore, you must be very careful about your website design and how it impacts your website visitors. 

Now that we understand the importance of your website design and appearance, let’s go through some tips that can impress your visitors.

  1. Website Visual Appearance

First impressions have always been an important factor when it comes to digital marketing. Your website’s visual appearance must be in line with your business nature and type. However, as a general rule, it must be clean, neat and easy to understand. It goes without saying that a messy design would damage your business reputation. Besides, colouring and font type and size must be selected smartly. For instance, for a massage and rehab centre, calm and relaxing colours and fonts must be used. More importantly, your website must be designed to be understandable by the majority of internet users. Therefore, ensure the simplicity and user-friendliness of your website design.

  1.  Loading Speed

Don’t forget the fact that internet users are now expecting webpages to load completely, within a couple of seconds. Users would instantly leave your website, if it takes more than two secs for your webpage to be displayed completely. Make sure to remove every single element that slows down your website. Utilize plugins as little as you can. Optimize your images’ size and quality. You can use CDN, a good hosting service and also minimize the usages of JavaScript and CSS files. 

  1. Mobile Responsive 

Even though mobile responsiveness sits under the “Website Visual Appearance” that we talked about earlier in this article, we would like to highlight it further for your consideration due to its high importance, when it comes to web design and UX improvement. People use their mobile phones to surf through the internet more than before. Internet users prefer websites that are perfectly displayed on their mobile phones. Therefore, you must pay high attention on how your website is displayed on mobile phones. In other words, your website must be perfectly mobile responsive. 

  1. Design Trends

Design trends change over time. The design that is popular now will be an outdated design after a few years. Users are not interested in websites that look out-dated. You, as a business owner must always be on top of everything including the design trend. Hence, if you are planning to build your website, pay high attention to choose the designs that are popular now, so your website will be in line with the design trend. Alternatively, if you already have a website that looks out-dated, make sure to redesign your website at your earliest possible. Otherwise, no new customer is expected to be interested in your website and more importantly you will be at the risk of losing your current customers. 

  1. Quality Content

Content is the king of your website. Users are pretty much after a particular information, service or product, when they search on the internet. Hence, the better content you have for users in need, the more chance to convert them to your customer. Your content must be written as simply as possible to be understandable by the majority of users. Don’t try to overstuff people by providing lots of detailed and different information on a subject. You must try to provide quality information that helps users to make their decision with confidence. 

  1. Needed Features

A good analysis of your audiences’ needs must be in place, so you will have a good understanding of what features and facilities your audiences are after. Once you are confident about the features that are required to be in your website, do not hesitate to put them all in, as failing to do so is a strong disadvantage for your website. For example, think of a clothing online shop that doesn’t provide a “size guide” feature for its visitors. It goes without saying that no conversion is expected for such a website. Hence, you must make sure that all required and essential features are available on your website. Furthermore, to have the upper hand in the market, you can add extra features that are not essential, but can add great value to your business. Long story short, people are looking for convenience when it comes to online shopping. Therefore, the more features you provide to simplify their shopping process, the more conversion you will be rewarded with. 

Web Design in modern market

In today’s competitive market, you must do your best to grow your business. Like outlined above, an impressive website design and appearance is one of the most effective elements, for the purpose of having more visitors on your website. Hence, you must work with professional and well-experienced web design companies in the market to design your business website at the highest quality possible. Don’t be tempted by offers that are too good to be true, as in most cases, you will end up with a worthless website that doesn’t work for you and your business. There are many professional web design companies in the UAE. Websima DMCC is one of the best ones, when it comes to web design and digital marketing. Websima has been providing quality services to many happy clients over the past 10 years, nationwide and internationally. They propose a free consultation meeting with potential customers, to provide the opportunity for potential clients to discuss their needs. Once they have a detailed understanding of your project, they will get back to you with an offer that suits your needs perfectly. 

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