Ultimate Auto parts Replacement Schedule For Every Car Owner

No matter which car model you own, arranging regular appointments with the mechanic is essential. Unless you do that, you are putting your car at great risk. 

With time and regular usage, most of the car spare parts inside wear out. For some of these parts, there is no solution but to arrange a replacement.

You would never want your car refusing to start in the middle of the road on an important Monday morning, would you? That is why it is advisable to arrange the needed car parts replacements for your vehicle from time to time.

Many car owners have no idea when a specific car spare part would need replacement. Don’t worry if you are one of them too. We have curated the perfect auto parts replacement schedule for the most commonly replaced car parts below.

Simply, give it a read and try to keep this schedule in mind. Next, find a reliable and genuine spare parts dealer. Contact them and keep arranging genuine parts for your car to use whenever it's time for a replacement.

  1. BATTERY - 4-5 Years

You might know that spare parts of a specific brand have a different lifetime duration than those of another manufacturer. For example, you can expect some of the Toyota spare parts to last longer than a few Foton spare parts.

However, things are more or less the same when it comes to a car’s battery. Regular wear and tear cause the acid levels inside the batteries to drop. Due to this, the positive and negative plates inside stop touching each other and the electrical current stops flowing through them. 

All of this mostly takes around 4-5 years to happen and starts affecting your car. Therefore, it is better to ensure proper battery replacement every 4-5 years before things go out of hand.

  1. ALTERNATOR - 5-6 Years

Now that the battery is done, we have to consider maintaining what keeps it charged - the alternator. 

Mostly, alternators refuse to do any more work after 5-6 years. But, some lucky car owners might go for a decade without having to change this part too. 

Despite this, we still suggest you ensure a proper checkup of this auto part every 5-6 years and get it replaced if needed.

  1. AIR FILTER - 1 Year

Since an air filter is purely paper-like in texture, its chances of needing a replacement are far more obvious than for anything else. It wouldn’t be wrong to call these the most replaced car parts. 

If you live in a dusty region and your car takes long routes regularly, you might have to get an air filter replacement twice a year. However, if that is not the case, you should still consider getting it changed every year. 

  1. WATER PUMP AND FUEL PUMP - 8-10 Years

The water pump circulates the coolant through the engine and keeps it from overheating. If you’re lucky, this pump will also last for the full lifespan of your vehicle.

The gasoline pump or Fuel pump keeps gasoline moving from the tank into the engine. It keeps working continuously but still can last a lifetime too.

However, we still suggest you get these pumps checked every 8 to 10 years just in case they need replacement.

  1. TIRES -  5-6 Years

This is another part that needs more replacements than people arrange for it. But, if you use different tires for summer and winter, things will be much more stable. 

It is recommended to get the tired checked by an expert every 5-6 years if they have not been changed during this period. Another recommendation is to follow an auto part replacement schedule for tires after every 80,000 km of drive.

  1. SPARK PLUGS - 8 Years

Here comes the tricky part. Spark plugs are doubted as a culprit literally every time your car is misbehaving. So, the replacement of this spare part is way more common than anything else.

Let us say you are a lucky owner and your spark plugs never get replaced or checked. Well, in that case, it is best to get them replaced every 8-9 years. Alternatively, you can get them checked every time your car is about to cover 160,000 km with the same set of plugs.  

Other than these, please find the below table for a brief guideline on other auto parts replacement schedules to follow:

Brake Pads

Every 3 to 5 years / 30,000 to 70,000 Kms.

Engine sensors

Up to 150,000 Kms.

Shocks & Struts

Every 50,000 to 75,000 KM

Car Clutch

Every 100,000 Kms

Seat Belts

5 Years

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