How to Bake and Decorate Awesome Cookies

The smell of home-baked cookies is fantastic at any time of the year. Everyone loves cookies, and when you can create these in your own home, why wouldn’t you? Creating delicious and mouthwatering cookies that look as though they have been professionally decorated is easier than you think. So, where do you start?

Use a Recipe You Are Familiar With

Even if you have used several recipes before to bake cookies, always try and go with one that you have tried and tested before. Now is not the time to try out new recipes. If you start trying new recipes before you have perfected at least one, you may struggle to bake cookies that you are happy with. When you use a recipe you are familiar with, you can then establish when to add ingredients and at what temperature to cook cookies for the best result.

Use the Correct Ingredients

Before getting started with the mixing and measuring, always ensure you have the correct ingredients to hand. If you do not have everything you need to bake cookies, take a step back and wait. Your cookies may not come out as you expected if you leave out ingredients or make last-minute substitutions. Reading the recipe before you start making and baking is always beneficial as it can help to remove the stress of finding those missing ingredients.

Mix Thoroughly and Consistently

It can sound simple, but sometimes when mixing, you do make shortcuts. Mixing thoroughly and consistently will apply to your baking, whether you are baking one batch of cookies or several batches. When you mix the same each time, you can be sure you will get the consistency that you need. If you do not blend and mix ingredients as thoroughly as you should, you may find that you have a finished cookie that has not been baked correctly.

Creative Decoration Is Important

When it comes to the decoration of your cookies, you want to wait until they are cool. Giving them at least two hours to sit and cool is essential for good decoration. If you rush this process, you will end up with icing or frosting that runs. To get the consistent decor and design you want on all of your cookies, you need to use stencils. Trying to decorate lots of cookies by yourself without the use of a stencil can leave you with inconsistent designs, patterns, and sizes. You can get Hanukkah cookie stencils, Christmas stencils, and thanksgiving stencils, to mention just a few, so you have no excuse.

Being Patient Is Essential

To bake and decorate awesome cookies each and every time, you must be patient. This is not something that you can rush through, and why would you? When you are patient, you can perfect your decoration skills and your baking skills, too. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to bake and decorate - don’t try and rush this in a spare hour that you have.

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