Average yearly expenses of your new Bengal cat

Bengal cats are wild-looking, beautiful, loving, and loyal little creatures. They are friendly and fun-loving cats, who will also serve as great companions to your other pets like Beagle, and pugs, due to their non-violent nature.

It is important to do a cost analysis of owning a pet, beforehand. This will helps you to understand the effect on your pocket when you get your little furry friend home. In this article, we will try to assess the yearly expenses you can expect for a Bengal cat.

Bringing your cat home: One-time expense

Bengal cats are expensive kinds of cats. However, there are places like shelters or newspaper ads where you can have them for a very minimal price or for free. But to knowing their family background, generation factor and habits can be very difficult, in this case.


In adoption centers, you can get a cat for $70 to $100. Some also offer them for free. Mature and older cats tend to be cheaper than kittens. But, this includes a risk factor regarding the cat's authenticity and its behavioral pattern. As Bengal cats have wild ancestry, it becomes necessary to understand the family background of the cat.


This is the expensive but most reliable way of getting a Bengal cat. You can estimate the cost around $1000 to $3000. Good show-quality Bengal cat can cost you around $2500 to $5000. Anything less than $1000 is surely backyard-bred cats, you should look away and find another breeder. Their price depends on various factors like coat color and pattern, generation, breeder's reputation, and so on.

Basic needs and primary setup:

It is necessary to build a space in your home, where your cat can live and enjoy their life peacefully. First-time setup cost can be $500 to $800, depending on the quality of life you want to give your cat. You will need to buy or arrange all the essential accessories starting from food bowls to the litter box. A vet visit can also be an additional chunk to it.

Your initial setup may include an ID tag or collar, neck strap, bed, cage or crate, litter box and scoop, feed bowls for water and food, spay/neuter cost, microchip, dental kits, grooming kits, shampoo, toys, and more. The cost may vary depending on the quality of the material you choose and the locality you live in.

Yearly vet expense:

Your cat will need regular vet check-ups to ensure its healthy growth. Yearly vet check-ups can cost you an estimated $250 to $300. Initial check-ups will include vaccinations that will add more cost to the estimate, be prepared to pay $25 to $150 extra for this.

Additional medications for preventive measures against lice, ticks, fleas, and worms will add $150 more. Although spaying/neutering are optional, if you plan to include this, it can cost you ranging from $250 to $550.

We can say that having a pet is an expensive affair, but these expenses can be eased out if you consider buying pet insurance.

Food cost:

It is necessary to give your cat a healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced diet. Bengal cats can thrive on any cat food, but it will be helpful to give your cat vet-recommended foods for their well-being. Good quality cat food can cost you ranging from $150 to $500 yearly. Cats also love eating meat, so a seldom visit to a butcher shop for some cuts and chops will add the next level to your cat's happiness.

Grooming Cost:

$360 to $700 can be a yearly grooming cost for your Bengal cats. This will include everything from bathing essentials, and teeth and ear cleaning. Bengal cats may need frequent grooming to keep their coats healthy and clean, especially when they are shedding. Grooming can be done at home to avoid extra spending.


Bengal cats need constant entertainment to release their energy. They are very playful and active cats. Investing in monthly cat activity kit subscriptions will be helpful to avoid the unwanted mess at home. This can cost around $100 to $200 yearly.


We can agree with the fact that Bengal cats are high maintenance. But, the cat parents will love maintaining them once they get to know these lovely babies.




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