Types of wheels for electric scooters

Before buying an electric scooter, you have to take into account exactly what you need and what you are going to use it for autonomy, size, maximum weight load, accessories, etc. But it is also important to know what kind of scooter wheels there are.

Why are the wheels of your scooter important?

The wheels are a super important part of the electric scooter since they are the ones that have direct contact with the ground where you are going. Therefore, before buying an electric scooter, take a look at the size of the wheel or the material it is made of.

On the other hand, think about when you are going to go on a scooter and on what surfaces. Are you going to use it for quiet walks or are you going to go with it on streets with slopes and potholes? Here, the wheels have the last word.

What types of electric scooter wheels are there?

If you are still not sure which electric scooter you need, we will give you a summary to help you decide on the wheels.

wheel material

1. Pneumatic wheels: they are the most similar to those of a bicycle. They are inflatable and comfortable wheels because they adapt to the terrain. They better absorb impacts and vibrations, but the negative part is that they can be punctured. Pneumatic wheels are perfect for going up and down curbs in the city, as well as crossing a dirt park.

2. Puncture-resistant wheels: they do not have an air chamber and, therefore, they cannot be punctured. Being hard, they are perfect for flat paved surfaces, without potholes or pebbles. On uneven terrain, they do not work as well as pneumatics.

wheel size

As funny as it sounds, size does matter. There are wheels of different sizes and we can classify them into small and large. Let's see it.

1. Big Wheels - Starting at 10 inches (25.4 cm). The scooters that have these wheels are usually robust and very stable. But being larger, they usually weigh quite a bit. If you have space to store it and you don't trust your balance, don't be afraid, this is your ideal scooter.

2. Small wheels. 10 inches or less. Most normal scooters use this type of wheel because they make the scooter more agileweigh less and are easy to transport. If you have to climb stairs or take it on public transport, a light scooter will be the perfect scooter.

Our advice is that, after knowing all this, think about where you are going to go with your electric scooter and what you are looking for in it so that the choice is easier for you.

How to park a bike safely on the street

Cyclists and scooter users often do not know where to leave their bikes or scooters because they are afraid of being robbed if they park on the street. Above all, if they are electric since they have more value. If the same thing happens to you, read these tips to leave your bike on the street without problems.

Recommendations for parking your bike on the street

If you want to go out with your bike quietly, keep in mind that in addition to having space to store it at home, you also have to think about where to leave it when you go outside and what to do to protect it as much as possible.

Park the bike in a lighted place

You always have to try to park your bicycle in places enabled as bike parking. Also, if you park on streets with lights or busy streets, it will be more difficult for you to have problems with your bike. Most big cities have bike racks, but if there isn't, you can tie your bike to street furniture (such as streetlights) without damaging it and without blocking your way. The trees are not bike racks and it is forbidden to use them for this.

Look for a well-fixed rack to tie down the bike

Make sure that the place where you are going to leave the bicycle with the lock on is well anchored to the ground or you will get a surprise because it will not do any good to put a lock in this case.

take the accessories

If your bike has a basket, smartphone holder or any other accessory, we recommend that you take them out and take them with you. Remember that accessories are pieces that are very easy to steal or break.

Check the lock from time to time

That the lock works well as an anti-theft system also depends on its use and that it is in good condition. If you haven't changed it for a long time, it's time to renew it. Think that being on the street, it also deteriorates and has to work perfectly so that no one can get hold of your bike or scooter.

Anti-theft system for bicycles and scooters

The most important thing to park your bike in the city or anywhere is to have a lock or anti-theft system. With this accessory, you will prevent possible thieves from getting too close to your bike as soon as they see the anti-theft system. However, you have to put it to good use.

Bicycle locks are the most common system to prevent theft on the street. There are different models and with different prices. For example, this anti-theft system with keys works for both bikes and scooters, as long as they have disc brakes. It is very useful because it blocks the wheels and does not allow them to turn. So it is quite complicated that your bicycle can disappear from where you parked it.

This e-bike is ideal for all types of terrain and with great stability thanks to its double suspension. Enjoy your rides and excursions whenever you feel like it. Also, when it gets dark you can follow your adventures because it has lights in front and behind.

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