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You need the best social networking apps on your iPhone so you can keep up to date with what your loved ones are doing. You can follow celebrities and influencers and learn about their lifestyles and life choices. You get to know what clothes and shoes are ‘in’.  You can also keep updated about what music is trending nowadays. You can stay updated on the news. There is always so much to learn from social networking platforms and that is why you should have them on your iPhone. This article will list some of the best social networking apps you need to download for your iPhone, no matter what version it is.

The best thing about running social networking apps on your iPhone is that you are not limited to just one location; you can move about freely while scrolling through your favorite social networking apps. But what happens if you get out of the Wi-Fi zone and don’t have an internet connection anymore? What happens when you are about to leave your home because you have somewhere else to be, but you still need to access social networking on your iPhone? You can’t really carry your Wi-Fi home network connection since they are attached to cables. For such a scenario, you need to activate mobile phone data on your iPhone. Consider Xfinity Mobile service; one of the most widely available mobile service providers in the US. You get 5G on your mobile phone, which is one of the fastest technology in the world at the moment. Also if you are looking to buy the latest iPhone, Xfinity’s got them. Because if you are gonna have the best experience scrolling through social networking apps, why not do it with an iPhone that has fast processing power and a reliable mobile phone connection?

Moving on, the following are some of the best social networking apps that you absolutely need to download on your iPhone. Bear in mind that all of the apps can be downloaded in any version of the iPhone you own, but obviously, the latest iPhone will provide the best user experience. 


This is one of the best and most widely used social networking apps in the world. It has the highest number of internet users recorded at 2.9 billion and counting. In the beginning, Facebook was just a website called Hot or Not. Then it was changed to its current name due to its emerging popularity. 

Facebook allows you to communicate with your friends, families, and acquaintances. The whole world is connected on Facebook and they are all transferring messages, photos, videos, polls, etc. Facebook is also a potential platform for business due to its large audience. 


This social networking app offers cross-platform messaging, and voice over IP service (VoIP), along with allowing users to send and receive text messages and voice messages. WhatsApp users can also send and receive images, documents, and other media files. Nowadays it is being used for video conferencing in businesses and meetings, although family and friends also have the option to use this feature. 


This is a social networking app for users that can explore their creative sides. Users can share pictures related to projects, goods, and services, and can also visually discover new interests by looking through pictures that other users have denoted. 

Pinterest is like a web-based pinboard or bulletin board, where internet users can pin or save pictures they found on the internet. For instance, the Pinterest app may be a popular tool for posting recipes, and people who love cooking would scroll through pictures of food, and click on the picture where they would be led to a page containing recipes and methods on how to make that food.


This is the best app for photo and video sharing. Instagram users can share their moments through pictures instantly. They can also scroll through the pages they are following to look at what other people have posted. Instagram is the most popular app for following celebrities, influencers, and content creators. They usually have a large following, often 1 million or more. They usually have such a large following because Instagram users enjoy looking at their lifestyles, habits, interests, etc. Even businesses can use the Instagram app to target their required audiences. 


Twitter is a microblogging app that allows Twitter users to post and interact with other Twitter users from around the world. The ‘tweets’ or interactions that Twitter users have with each other are limited to 280 characters only, hence the term ‘microblogging’. Many celebrities and high-profile persons are actively using Twitter apps for posting their content and opinions which any Twitter user can comment on and repost. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone is using social networking apps now. Each social networking app has its own features and you need to be downloading multiple social networking apps to make use of all their features. You can keep up with your friends and loved ones on Facebook and Wechat, and you can follow your favorite influencers on Instagram. Pinterest will allow you to explore your interests and hobbies and Twitter will help keep you updated about the world. There is really no limit to what social networking apps can achieve since there is always something to learn. 

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