Why Professional AC Service Is Important This Summer

For most homes, summertime signifies an uptick use of air conditioning (AC) equipment. In such times, your AC unit will probably run continuously to combat the heat and regulate your home’s temperature. Therefore, it would be best if your unit is in its optimum working condition. 

Some AC unit manufacturers might have authorized dealerships in various locations. Thus, you can check if your unit’s manufacturer has one in your area and schedule a tune-up for your AC unit. However, you can still check for nearby certified AC technicians. This can help ensure you get professional service for your AC unit. For instance, if you’re residing within Virginia, you can search for AC service Berryville professionals and select one closest to your home or meets your selection criteria. 

Aside from ensuring your air conditioning unit remains in good condition, here are other reasons why professional AC service is important this summer:

  1. Helps Extend Your Unit’s Lifespan

An AC unit is a significant investment. Therefore, it would help if it could live out its estimated lifespan before you have to replace it. In the hot summer months, your AC unit will experience extended periods of use. It is, sometimes, running 24 hours each day. This means that the unit can be subjected to more wear and tear over the summer. 

Scheduling a professional AC service allows technicians to diagnose the condition of the unit’s various components. They can then replace or service them as necessary. For instance, rotating parts, like motor and fan, may have undergone friction over time. Upon diagnosis, the AC technicians can know whether it’s enough to lubricate these parts or if replacing them is better. 

Generally, a tune-up can help ensure your unit gets a complete look-over. This service can go a long way in helping extend its lifespan, and you can prevent premature replacements. Most manufacturers estimate a well-serviced AC unit to last 15 to 20 years. However, an AC unit’s lifespan can be reduced by half without service.  

  1. Helps Reduce Emergency Repairs

Your AC unit is like your vehicle. Before a long trip, you take your car for thorough servicing to prevent chances of breakdowns midway through your journey. The reason being it might break down at an isolated location. Thus, not easy to get a repair shop or other mechanical help. 

The same goes for your home’s AC system. If you skip on an AC service, your AC can break down in the middle of the summer. During this time, AC technicians might not be readily available. Service rates may also be higher. A professional AC service runs a diagnosis of your unit’s condition, which involves cleaning and repair of the various AC parts. If there are worn-out parts, technicians can also replace them. For instance, they’ll check the performance and condition of the blower motor and belt. 

Other parts like electrical connections are also checked for safety. If these parts get exposed, they might cause electrical faults or short-circuits. This can be expensive to remedy. Thus, the necessity of an AC service. 

  1. Improves Internal Air Quality

The air quality circulating in your home can depend on the condition of your AC unit. As it runs, the outdoor condenser can collect pollen and dust that can get blown into the ductwork. On the other side, the air filters can accumulate significant dirt and dust. 

All these can mean that the air blowing into your home could be polluted. Thus, your household may be exposed to allergens which can cause allergic reactions and other health conditions. However, with a professional AC service, they can clean and replace necessary parts, which can help improve the quality of air blown into your home.

  1. To Maintain Your AC Unit’s Warranty

Manufacturers of AC units provide a warranty period in which they can cover common breakdowns. However, they also recommend a seasonal tune-up of the unit to satisfy this warranty. A professional AC service can ensure you meet this warranty requirement and have proper documentation. 

Thus, the manufacturer can cover the repair and replacement costs if your AC breaks down due to wear and tear. On the other hand, the warranty will be null and void if you skip the tune-up. Therefore, leaving you to shoulder the costs.

  1. Ensures You Get Better Energy Efficiency

Most AC units have a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) ranging from 13 to 21, with 13 being the lowest. In some locations, you may also get AC with an energy star rating. The higher your AC’s SEER number is, the more efficient the unit is. However, the efficiency of your AC will reduce over time. How low its energy efficiency will be may largely depend on the servicing it receives. 

Scheduling for a professional AC service ensures that you maintain optimum energy efficiency from your unit. During the servicing, AC technicians can unclog ducts and vents and lubricate moving parts to reduce friction. This ensures that the unit doesn’t work harder to force cool air into your home. Thus, reducing its energy requirements, which can help prevent your energy bills from ballooning this summer.


A professional AC service this summer can benefit you in so many ways. For one, it’s essential for better air quality, energy efficiency, and extended lifespan. Reducing emergency repairs and maintaining the unit’s warranty also come in hand. So, you can schedule one if you haven’t done so already.

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