Signs of a Fault Air Duct that Needs Repair or Replacement

Are you sick of that one room that did not warm up this winter? As the weather changes you, need to focus upon that one room that is unable to maintain its temperature just like the rest of the house.

The moment before you are aware of the fact that the relief of AC from the warm summer and that one cool room may turn into the warmest room of the house just because of the faulty air ducts. Therefore, here is the best time to identify and hire top-class commercial HVAC contractors for maintenance. These people will check out your air ducts and ensure that everything is just perfect for the summer.

How Do Air Ducts Work?

Before we move on to the repairing aspect of the air ducts we first need to know how actually they work. Air ducts is a name given to the big tubes that bring conditioned air into the room. The air could be warm or cold. We can also say them as the roadways that assist the air to travel. When the roadway is clear without any damage or debris it works perfectly. However, whenever there is debris such as the Cheerios, barrettes, and small toys block the road, the air will either back up or escape, and the HVAC system will run harder than it should.

Here are the two different types of ducts

- Supply: The supply vent sends the conditioned air to the rooms
- Return: The return vent takes out the warm air from the room.

Both these vents are available in all rooms of the house.

How Do I Know if I Have a Problem?

It is important to keep a check on the vents because they may need repairs frequently. However, the question is that how do we get to know where is the problem and what is the problem?

The answer to this question is very simple and depends upon your observation skills. Whenever you feel that, the room is warm and the heat nearly knocks you over. Whereas the rest of the house temperature is perfectly normal. It is because you might have a bad air duct. Before going for checking for the faulty vent you, first need to ensure that there is nothing in the house that is blocking your air vent. This could be any part of your furniture or anything.

Signs of a faulty air duct that needs repair or replacement

- One room’s temperature is different from the temperature of the rest of the house. If your room is the only place in the house that has a different temperature than the rest of the house then it is certain that there is a problem with your air duct.
- Bills are high in extreme winter or summer. Your utility bills are a reflection of how the HVAC system is working. If they are significantly high or low than the average bill then you need to have a look at your HVAC system to ensure that is not the reason for the disturbed utility bills.
- There is no airflow from the air duct. If you notice that there is no air coming from the vent or the register then you need to understand that there is some problem. This may be because of the blocking of the air duct.
- When installing HVAC system in your house there are somethings that you need to be aware of and one of the most important among them is that the air filter gets dirty very quickly. It is important to change your air filter regularly, but it is not necessary to change it on a monthly basis. However, if the air duct is getting filthy after every four weeks then there is certainly something wrong with the air duct.
- Splashes of dust at the registers. It is important to keep an eye on the registers regularly. If they are filthy, clean them. If this happens after every four weeks then you might have a leakage.
- Broken or a missing duct. It is important to ensure that the duct is not broken or crushed if you want it to perform perfectly. So take a tour of your house and inspect the ducts. If you see a big hole, or a broken duct or even a missing duct then you certainly need air duct repair and replacement norcross.
- Room by Room and Vent by Vent. In the above point, you need to inspect your house vent by vent. However, here we will be suggesting you to have a room-by-room inspection. For this following are some instructions that you need to follow:

  • Switch on your HVAC System and ensure that the air is running through the vents. 
  • Close all the doors of the room
  • Shut all the exterior doors and windows of the house
  • Take a round of the house and crack each interior door. Perform this action one by one for each interior room.

After having a detailed inspection of everything if the HVAC ducts are moving then get them checked as it may be due to some air pressure problems.

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