The Top Things to Look For in a Health Care Insurance Plan

Health insurance is a necessity for access to proper healthcare such as doctor’s appointments and ER treatment. There are plenty of companies offering varying degrees of coverage and benefits around the country. The question of who to pick depends on what you need, how many people require insurance, and how much you can feasibly afford to spend. The following advice looks at the top things to look for in a health care insurance plan. 

What Type of Insurance do You Need?

Even the most basic insurance policies cost money each month or year. Insurance is usually tiered. This means a basic level policy, a mid-level, and a few higher-level options. Naturally, the cost increases with each band. The criteria are different across different companies, but there is a general guideline. It is a legal requirement for every citizen to have an insurance policy, otherwise, they face a fine penalty. With that in mind, there are generally two options; though other plans fall outside of this remit, these are the two most common in circulation. 


Basic public health insurance tends to cover things like regular doctor appointments at your local practice for minor health issues, alongside hospital stays or outpatient protocols. Some will cover prescription charges, pregnancy, and mental health as well, though not all. If there are children included in the policy, then they will be catered for in terms of dental care. Most procedures still come with an attached fee regardless of premium. This is unavoidable. There are different levels of care to choose from.


Private healthcare is offered through private insurance companies. The price is higher but the policies are comprehensive and fine-tuned to include the most common health needs. Depending on how much you pay, there will be an additional fee for treatment and appointments too. Lots of private policies include dental care on mid-level policies. Private insurance is more popular with employer-provided healthcare initiatives and is, therefore, the most common type of policy in the country. 

Special Medical Event Coverage

Giving birth, surgery, emergency surgery, and cancer treatment are all special medical events. It’s important to decide whether or not you’d like to plan for things like this, though some things are unpredictable. 

Perks and Benefits 

As with any insurance policy, some plans will allow for extras or benefits. Find a plan that offers and allows the use of OTC cards to help with additional costs and save you money on the finer details. These types of cards cover the cost of things like toothpaste, non-prescription medication, and health foods. They are pre-loaded with a pre-determined balance that you are financially liable for. Not all insurance companies allow them, but they definitely have their benefits. 

Unless you want to face a fine, health insurance is the only option. Though it’s not always the easiest job to find something that fits all your criteria and sits within your budget, there are so many available options that the shoe will fit somewhere. 

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