How To Take the Best Care of Our Eyes - Routine Eye Exams and Other Tips

We all want the best for our eyes. While we likely take them for granted sometimes, they deserve the time and attention to keep them at the best they can possibly be. Granted, as we age our eyes will start to deteriorate and we will be more at risk from certain eye conditions and diseases. But we don’t have to sit and helplessly wait for these problems to come along. There is a lot we can do to keep our eye health at the best it can be, from routine eye exams to the food we eat. Let’s look into what we can do in a bit more detail.

Routine Eye Exams

Having someone qualified in eye care regularly examine our eyes is an important part of caring for our eyes. This means that any diseases will be spotted early on and can be treated before they progress, or at least kept on top of and monitored closely from the beginning, depending on the condition. We shouldn’t wait until we start to see signs of deterioration in our eyes before we start receiving regular eye examinations. Even from a very young age, children should be receiving regular eye exams to detect any problems with the development of the eyes. Certain conditions need to be caught before a certain age for the best type of treatment to help them. Eye conditions can affect us at any age so we all should be receiving regular eye exams throughout our lives.

Maintain a good diet

The things we eat can have more of an impact than you realise on your eye health. To give your eyes the best nutrients they need, include lots of green and leafy vegetables in your diet. Also important is a couple of portions a week of oily fish, such as tuna or salmon. Having enough protein from the right sources, for example nuts, eggs and beans, can make such a difference too, along with citrus fruits for that boost in vitamin C.

Protect your eyes outside

Wearing sunglasses while outside is very important for your eyes. Too much in UV exposure and your eyes will start to deteriorate. They can even be damaged from the sides while wearing sunglasses so wraparound style glasses are recommended where possible. Always opt for a pair of sunglasses that offers complete UV protection.


Looking after our eyes is important to minimise the risks we can face, especially as we age. Following the above advice will help keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

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