The best career paths you should consider in London

When choosing a career in the UK for yourselves, of course, personal motivations are prioritized, but you have to consider the best ongoing career opportunities with great pay. No one wants to put all their efforts into studying for years by paying tons of money just to end up in an average-paying job that is barely covering your bills. 

Career paths you can choose in the UK are countless but you have to be careful about what you are opting for and according to its current acceptance and availability of jobs which will certainly meet your financial needs as well. But if you are having trouble choosing one let us take care of that. In this article, we are compiling a few of the best career paths you can choose while in London, which compensate great as well.  

  • Aircraft Controllers

As you know, the specialty of aviation jobs is they carry a huge responsibility as their work has a lot to do with other people's safety. If you think you can handle that much responsibility in your hands you should consider an Aircraft controller job. To opt for this job you should possess outstanding leadership and team playing skills along with professional and mental strength.

Along with the huge responsibilities this job is one of the highest paying jobs currently in the UK. This job lets you earn £1,960 per week, which is listed as a more than fair salary to earn in the UK.

Next, coming to the qualifications the candidates should have, there is no specific qualification required to opt for this career instead you have to battle with a lot of examinations, tests, and training. Always keep in mind that the competition is extremely fierce as they need to hire perfect candidates. So prepare well if you have an Aircraft controller job on your mind.

  • Advertising and Public Relations Directors

In this digital marketing era advertising and public relation plays a key role when it comes to the image of the company along with attaining its objectives. Thus public relations and advertising agents are in charge of the duties.

Hence, Advertising and public relation made it to the top 10 highest-paid jobs in the UK. If you can prove your expertise in either of these fields you can earn up to £1,160 per week.

Typically the qualification employers are seeking in the candidates for this job profile is a bachelor's degree in marketing, communication, or advertising. If you have that, consider you succeed in this sector. 

  • Casino Game Developer

If you are looking for a unique career that has a fair market currently in the UK, consider a Casino game developer. As the online gambling industry grows outrageously all over the world, the possibilities of this career are never-ending.

This job is the perfect solution for you if you have a creative mind and some coding skills. The average compensation of a game developer is £45,796 per year in the UK. You can utilize your talent and create several features and bonuses to the game like no deposit casino bonus codes for existing players uk. If you are hired you will be creating record-breaking online casino games, who knows. If your mind says yes go for it. 

  • Legal Professionals

A Law degree is an all-time prestigious degree to consider pursuing all over the world. The doors of opportunities, a law degree will open in London are infinite. Such an esteemed degree will help you to land your dream job if you add an itsy bitsy amount of effort.

The estimated salary of a law graduate is £1,349.3 per week. Which will flare up once you start to gain experience.

To enter the Law related industry, you need a bachelor's degree in Law. If you possess a master's degree in Law you can attain an honored position as well as high compensation.

  • Medical Practitioners

The United Kingdom is considered one of the best health care providers in the world. The British medical universities maintain a direct link to the high-end hospitals which results in high job placement security for the medical graduates.


Despite being the most challenging career in the world, medical practitioners are the highest paid in the world and are always in demand.

There are many roles you can consider in this field which will vary the pay accordingly. Health care professionals earn between £ 1,220 to £ 1500 per week.

Coming to the requirements of this career, qualification, and experience is all that matters here, as you are dealing with the most valuable thing called ‘life’. Unless you have a world-class education you won't be considered for this job. Usually, candidates must have a five-year medicine degree along with relevant experience.


The number one thing to mind before choosing a career is your aptitude. If your mind says to choose a career it is better to go for it, so that you won't regret it and you can have a productive and fulfilling career. Hoping you are feeling filled with the above-provided information about the best career plans for the UK. choose your decision wisely as your entire life is gonna depend on that.

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