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The value of white precious stones differs a lot and there are a number of white gemstones that are very expensive while small white sapphires are usually very affordable. These are used as a substitute for diamonds which can be very expensive. White and colorless gemstones are nothing new. They’ve been with us since ancient times and they blend in perfectly with our lifestyles. Diamonds have to be the most popular white gemstones while gemstones such as pearls and opals make magnificent jewelry pieces. Peoolke often want to know what is white opal meaning. Let us find out!

White opals offer emotional healing benefits

But what is white opal meaning? White opals may not cost too much but they are valued for their great emotional healing benefits. Crystal healers believe that white opals help with certain physical ailments such as diabetes and Parkinson's disease. 

There are many colorful gemstones in the world, but white gems are the most sought after. These white and colorless gemstones are classic stones that never go out of fashion. In the gemstone industry, white gemstones are often popular choices as diamond substitutes because they’re often much cheaper.

So in terms of the value of white precious stones, diamonds have the highest hardness rating and are extremely brilliant. When they are faceted, there is nothing to beat the sparkle of a diamond. 

Despite the terms white and colorless – they essentially mean the same thing. Some gems such as opals and pearls lean toward opaque white while translucent gemstones such as diamonds fall in the same group. 

White opals are associated with goodness and purity

White opals are also known as ‘milk’ opals, and as with any other opals, they can also display a beautiful play of color. They are more common than other kinds of opal and because of their paleness, they sometimes have less vibrant colors than other opals such as the boulder opals. 

White opals are the gemstone for the zodiac sign Libra – those born in October. The white opal has long been associated with goodness, purity, and nurturing. The white opal is often sought after as a stone in jewelry as it is symbolic of everlasting love, harmony, and peace. All opals are famous for their iridescence and play of color, and what is interesting about them is that you won’t find two exact opal specimens. The white opal is captivating with its milky white body tone and the way they give off this radiant opalescence. White opals are cut cabochon, a smooth variety that displays its sheer luster and sheen.

White gemstones that sparkle their way into people’s hearts

It has to do with the way light enters and refracts through the surface of a gemstone. We all know that diamonds are colorless, but that in the light, they flash white sparkles. 

For centuries, diamonds have been the epitome of love and most people link engagement and diamonds together. They sparkle more than any other gem and they are also scratch-resistant, making them the perfect gem to stand the test of time.

They aren’t rare gemstones, but they are considered highly valuable. If a mined diamond is out of your reach, there are synthetic diamonds that make it possible for people to have an affordable type of diamond. You can get a beautiful white sapphire stone that absolutely looks like the real thing but which goes at a fraction of the price of a diamond.

If you are looking for large white gemstones, white topaz or quartz can be inexpensive and found in weights over 10 carats.

White pearls have always been popular

Pearls have always been highly sought after in jewelry. Pearls used to be very expensive but with the advent of cultured pearls, they are more affordable. Pearls have a wonderful iridescence and can be found in a variety of colors, although white pearls are the most well-known.

There are other white precious stones – white topaz, white zircon, white quartz, moonstone, and others. White coral gemstones are interesting and they have particular interest for those people who love the oceans and seas. White coral promotes the healing of sadness and can get rid of anxiety and sadness.

Despite there being so many colorful jewels in the world, white gems are the most sought after, being classic timeless, and appearing in every kind of jewelry trend. Many people no longer choose gems because of their monetary value and tradition. 

It’s what white gemstones represent

Many are choosing certain gemstones because of their other values – what they mean and represent. White gemstones have their own spiritual meaning and many people choose from the variety of white gemstones to bring peace, love and harmony into theur lives.

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