How to renew Kuwait Civil ID Online

All individuals living in Kuwait are required to have a unique civil ID. The ID is a distinctive number that helps the government keep track of all residents and non-residents.

It is essential to have a valid civil ID because you cannot even drive or open an account in Kuwait without an active ID. PACI Kuwait tackles all matters related to issuing new IDs and renewing expired IDs.

Initially, for expatriates, the ID is issued for three years. After which, they need to get it renewed.

We have discussed and provided information in full and easy detail for you. You need to follow a simple series of steps to get your ID renewed.


All citizens between the ages of ten to eighteen can submit ID renewal requests through a phone call or by filling and submitting an online form. They are required to provide information about their parents as well.

However, citizens aged eighteen and above can easily submit renewal applications through a call or online. The mandatory part for this age category is that they have to provide the latest photograph.

Mandatory Documents:  

To have your ID renewed, you need to provide a few documents to the Kuwaiti authorities. We have mentioned a detailed list of mandatory documents for your easy reference. You need to have these documents ready to get your renewal without any objection.

       Copy of expired civil ID

       Passport and residency cards for expatriates

       Work contracts and sponsorships deeds

       Scan an uploaded document of the first and last page of your existing civil ID               

       One blank envelope

       If a requestor cannot appear physically, he must provide power of attorney duly approved by the Ministry of Justice.

       Latest colored picture of the applicant in size of 4*6cm


o   The image should not have a size pose.

o   Full face must remain visible (do not use side pose)

o   Remove glasses before taking the picture.

o   Recommended face length ranges between 2:2 to 2:5cm.

o   The face must stay in the center of the picture frame.

o   The photograph must have a transparent background without any distortion or noise.

ID Renewal Steps

Kuwaiti nationals and expatriates need to follow the below series of steps to get their Kuwait civil ID renewed.

Step 1: Visit the Public Authority of Civil Information (PACI) website.

Step 2: Click the E-SERVICES link on the PACI website.

Step 3: Click Multi-Payment (Fines – Cards – Lost Card) option under General Services.

Step 4: Enter your Civil ID number in Civil No (*) box and click Submit button.

Step 5: Click the Pay button.


Step 6: Make a renewal payment fee of KD 5.00 (which may vary if you have outstanding fines) by entering your bank details and clicking the Submit button.


Step 7: Once payment is confirmed, you will get a payment confirmation message. You can print and save your payment receipt.


We hope you have gained the required information to have your civil ID renewed since I had my ID renewed recently, so the above procedure is also a self-experienced story. Good luck with your renewal procedure.

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