Experts’ Global- Changemakers in GMAT Prep and MBA Admission Consulting

Since first opening its doors to students in 2008, Experts’ Global has set the industry standard in exhaustive GMAT prep assistance and MBA admission consulting. With a worldwide reputation for unmatched mentorship, the firm has been a global force, assisting students from over 50 countries.

GMAT Prep Program

Experts' Global’s online, on-demand GMAT preparation program is a GMAT prep toolkit that boosts the scoring chances of any test taker. The level of theoretical immersion the program presents is unmatched, as it collates over 300 concept videos and 4000 practice questions. The program's high quality stems from its structure mimicking the GMAT. The tests, questions, and concepts presented in the online prep program adhere to the GMAT's prescribed rigor. The program also presents a GMAT-like experience visually, through a testing interface with controls, design schemes, and layout like the GMAT's. The on-screen time you'll see in the interface is a USP that warns one against lingering on a question. In every aspect, the Experts' Global online GMAT prep program has got you covered!

Mock Tests

The 15-part GMAT mock test series that headlines the Experts’ Global online GMAT prep program is a truly powerful learner aid. With each test being presented in a visual flow and structure exactly like the GMATs, one benefits from time-built familiarity with the GMAT feel as well as from powerful analytics. By processing the student's performance over the mocks, these analytics keep them informed of their conceptual strengths and pitfalls, the question types that keep them guessing, their accuracy, and overall time management.

Live Classroom Program

The Experts' Global live classroom program is the real-world manifestation of the excellence in its online GMAT prep module. Classes in this program are held over the weekend by the company's founder, Mr. Srivastava. As life-altering academic experiences, the classes elicit praise from students who have benefited from Mr. Srivastava's time-honed insights as a 99th percentile holder on the GMAT. These students also keep their prep on track outside the classroom through access to the complete online GMAT prep resource suite at Experts' Global.

MBA Admission Consultancy

MBA admissions consultancy is the lifeblood of the Experts' Global ethic, and each student receives truly tailored admissions guidance at the firm. A limited annual student intake means that the company is placed to maximize the potential of each of its students through length mentorship. This attitude is best embodied in the company's "End to End Admission Consultancy" approach and underlies the professional desire of each admissions consultant at the firm to manifest success for students. Constant professionalism and quality have maintained the Experts' Global standard of placing its students in each of the best 150 B-schools around the globe.

ISB Admission Consultancy

At Experts' Global, the admissions team exhibits a command of MBA admissions gauntlets from around the world, and yet, they do their best work for the ISB, or the Indian School of Business, or ISB. This specialization exists to cater to the majority of Indian MBA seekers who target ISB domestically and has led to the team's complete mastery of the ISB admissions journey. With a stunning record of results, Experts' Global secures interview calls for 9 in 10 of its ISB applicants.

Training for Admission Interviews

MBA admission consultancy at Experts' Global is a truly holistic undertaking, and so the firm has come to students' aid with a necessary interview prep program. As MBA admission interviews present the final obstacle to the MBA dream, students can benefit from the company's interview training to boost their chances. The interview prep program is built on the interview mentor-mentee question and starts by filling in the student's understanding through a 15-video series on MBA admissions interview fundamentals. The student then fills out a questionnaire of the 30 questions most likely to be asked in an MBA interview. Their answers give the interview mentor perspective on their gaps and strengths, and a round of interview mocks follows to train them accordingly. A feedback session after each mock keeps the growth process constant!

Many MBA aspirants have realized their ambition of a global MBA by enhancing their chances through the GMAT training and MBA admission consultancy at Experts’ Global. Thus, the company aids students around the globe!

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