How To Play Powerball Lottery Online

Are you looking to win an online lottery? Do you wish to try out your luck? 

Powerball is one of the most popular Australian lottery games featuring huge jackpots and individual prizes. This jackpot game is modelled after popular American lottery games and can be played via any device, mobiles and tablets through its dedicated app.

This lottery game was introduced in 1996 in Australia and can be played only on Thursday nights. Here’s how you can play this lottery game and take home huge jackpots. 

How To Play Powerball 

The rules of Powerball are quite simple. You need to draw balls from two different barrels to play this lottery game. 

The first barrel consists of 35 balls, from which you have to choose seven balls. While the second barrel consists of 20 balls from which you have to choose one ball. To win the lottery, you need to have at least two winning numbers for both the barrels.

To put it simply, your selected ball from the second barrel should compulsorily match with one of the declared ball numbers. However, out of your seven chosen balls from the first barrel, at least two balls must match the other declared number.

Apart from ball selection, you also need to buy tickets either from the lottery’s dedicated website or mobile app, as per your convenience.

Different Types Of Powerball Games

The Powerball lottery game has an array of tickets offering to choose from. Each ticket has a different charm and winning odds. Below is a brief on each ticket type for your reference.

Standard Entry 

This is the most basic and easiest way to play this lottery game. Here you have the option to either choose your ball numbers or get them allotted for you by the lottery platform. 

System Entry 

In system entry, your chances of winning are slightly higher than standard entry. In the standard entry, you're only allowed to choose seven ball numbers for one barrel and one ball number from the other. 

However, in system entry, you get to choose 8-20 ball numbers from the first barrel, thereby increasing your chances of hitting the jackpot.

PowerHit Entry 

In PowerHit entry, you are given the winning ball number from the second barrel. As for the first barrel, you'll need to choose the seven ball numbers yourself.

Pick Entry 

In Pick entry, you are offered three choices - Pick Entry, PowerHit Pick 6 Entry and PowerHit Pick 5 Entry.

In pick entry, you’re given one or more winning numbers to increase your chances of winning. However, you’ve to choose the rest numbers by yourself. 

As for PowerHit Pick 6 Entry and PowerHit Pick 5 Entry, you're given one or more winning numbers from the first barrel and the winning number from the second barrel.

Autoplay Entry

Autoplay entry allows you to play multiple draws for about 10 weeks. Unlike other entry tickets, where you're given only a single chance to play and place your draw choices, autoplay allows you to make multiple entries.

This increases your chances of winning considerably and allows you to enter every draw until you wish, 10 weeks from the date of ticket purchase.

How To Claim Your Prize 

To claim your lottery prize, you need to verify your identity according to Australian laws. To verify your identity, you just need to visit the lottery website, log in and go to your account page. 

Once you've verified your identity, the winning amount will be transferred to your banking account within a few days. Pretty straightforward, right?

Summing Up

Powerball is a fun, simple and safe online Australian lottery game. Moreover, it's legal and operated by an accredited lottery ticket retailer. To know more about this lottery game, you can visit its website and reach out to the retailer online in case of any doubts.

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