Qualities You Will Get In the Right Zorb Ball


The craze of the younger generation towards this zorbing is increasing day by day. As this activity is pretty adventurous, it is natural that so many people want to try it out. For carrying out such a sport, you will require a zorb ball, a ball that lets the player inside it. However, choosing the right ball becomes extremely crucial as this choice can bring drastic changes to your experience. Not only do you need to select the right ball for having a fantastic time, but you also need to get one that ensures your safety.

In case you have absolutely no knowledge of choosing one such ball, there are a few qualities that can help you determine if a particular zorb ball is right for you or not.

Qualities That Can Help You Identify Your Right Zorb Ball for Zorbing

 Here are listed all the crucial aspects you need to look for in a zorb ball.


The first and foremost quality that you need to look for is quality. Since the popularity of zorbing is skyrocketing, so many manufacturers are looking for a way to increase their profit. Thus, they are using materials that do not fulfill the criteria of a perfect zorb ball.

So, you have to look for a zorb ball made of durable material to withstand all conditions. Pay attention to both interior and exterior shells as they both have their significant role to play. Even if one of those has bad-quality material used, it can create serious issues. Nowadays, the best material is high-quality rubber that provides enough bounce and movement to the ball.


Another crucial factor that you must consider is the safety factor. Sports like zorbing can be hazardous if you are not taking proper precautions. Nothing can be worse than you going for zorbing with a zorb ball that poses a threat to your life. For instance, if you are playing on the beach with a zorb ball or climbing rocks, the path is never clear. In such a case, if your zorb ball can't provide you with optimum safety, there are huge chances of you harming yourself and causing a severe injury.

In case you are purchasing this ball for a kid in the house, this is a factor that becomes more important. Thus, you need to pay extra attention to this factor to play the sport without putting your life on the line.

Cold-Resistant Material

Nowadays, most zorb balls are made with a material that can withstand cold temperatures. The tolerance of a zorb ball lets you enjoy the cold weather, but it also ensures that the ball lasts for pretty long even if the weather becomes adverse. There are even balls that can bear the temperature as low as -25°. Thus, if you plan to go zorbing in the winter to encounter fewer crowds, consider getting a cold-resistant zorb ball.

Allows You to Move Freely While You Are Inside It

What's the fun in zorbing if you cannot move accordingly? Zorbing is an activity that becomes pretty boring if you are not moving from your place. You need to run, jump, and squat or even lie down, depending upon the game you are playing with the ball. Hence, you would not want to splurge a good amount of money on a ball that does not even let you feel comfortable inside the bubble. With your movement, you also need to ensure that the ball can pick up a good pace for some specific tasks, like playing bubble football.

No Fear of the Zorb Ball Collapsing

If you are new to zorbing and you decided to take the advice from the people around you, most people would have pointed out the collapsing of a zorb ball. It is a fear that many people have developed since the arrival of such a game. Fortunately, this is not true. Although there has been no case of a person heavily injuring themselves has been reported, you still need to be cautious while choosing the ball for yourself. What's more, the good manufacturers of today are making the balls with such material that eliminates the chances of the ball collapsing in the middle.

So you must pay attention to the brand or the manufacturer you purchase the ball from.  Thus, in this way, even in the worst-case scenario, you need not worry about the ball just bursting open while you are inside it.


Hopefully, you must have understood the importance of getting the right zorb ball by now. Not only does the right ball help you have a great time outdoors, but it also lets you be on the safer side. So, the qualities mentioned earlier are what you need to look for in a zorb ball to make the most out of your investment.


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