7 Features To Look For In An Office Chair For Long Hours

Are you an office worker? Are you smart, but thinking about buying an office chair for long hours of work? It might seem like a small investment at first, but you'll need to be sure that it has certain features in order to provide the maximum comfort and durability. Here are eight ways that a new office chair can make your job life more bearable. :) 

1. Adjustability: ​The number one feature for any under-desk device is its adjustability factor. You will want to be able to adjust the seat and the back of your chair in order to ensure that it's suited for your own size. You also want to make sure that the seat is adjustable, since there are different types of seating, including high-backed and low-backed. Make sure that you don't choose a chair with a fixed seat back - it won't allow for movement.

2. Depth: ​The depth of an office chair is crucial for comfort because it can determine how far forward or backward you sit from your desk. The closer you sit to your desk, the better you will be able to see it, which will make your job more efficient. However, if the chair is too close to the desk, it may not fit under the desk or make it difficult for you to use other devices in your work environment. On the other hand, if the office chair is too far away from the desk, it could cause pain and discomfort during long hours of work. Make sure that you consider this when buying the best office chair for long hours of work.

3. Ergonomic: ​The idea behind an ergonomic office chair is to allow you to keep good posture while sitting at your desk. This will help you avoid back pain and muscle strain, which both can come from sitting in an ordinary office chair for long hours. The most common ergonomic features are the following: a seat that contours to your shape, a tilt-and-lock mechanism for the backrest, adjustable armrests, and an adjustable lumbar support.

4. Suspension: ​The suspension system of an office chair is designed to protect you from feeling any rocking or movement inside the seat. An uncomfortable and unstable chair can be hazardous to your health because it can cause headaches and strained muscles in your back and legs. A good suspension system provides stability and comfort for long periods of work time.

5. Lumbar Support: ​You will want the office chair to reduce back pain, not cause it. One way to avoid this is with a proper lumbar support feature. Lumbar support allows you to adjust the backrest of the chair so that it properly supports your lower back all day long.

6. Footrest: ​This is a feature that many office chairs lack, but which can make all the difference when it comes to your comfort level at work. The footrest on an office chair is designed to elevate your feet while you're seated in order to allow blood circulation and improve your overall health. If you're tired of moving around the office chair on a daily basis, consider the option of choosing an office chair with a footrest.

7. Heavy Duty: ​When considering an office chair, you'll want to make sure that it's durable and sturdy enough to withstand your daily work time in the comfort of your own desk. If it happens that one day something will happen, like a desk getting knocked over or a coworker accidentally walking over it, make sure that you can be able to move it out from under the desk without any damage being done.


The above article aim to help office workers who are looking for an ergonomic office chair. It gives facts, recommendations and principles regarding the buying of ergonomic office chair. When it points out that chairs are more expensive than other types of furniture, it is in order to inform the users on how they can benefit from this investment by making their health and daily work time easier and more comfortable. Moreover, you can also consider purchasing a standing desk if you are concerned about your health sitting for long hours. 

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