What Are Essential Oils and What Benefits Do They Provide?

The abundance of resources in nature has helped man to extract and synthesize a wide range of natural products. Ever since we realized the power of our senses, we have felt, enjoyed, and analyzed everything around us. 

Scents have always been a thing of beauty ever since we experienced their effect on our emotions. As a result, we have succeeded in extracting the most beneficial essential oils from nature to give rise to a wide variety of fragrances. 

In this article, we will have a deep look into essential oils and the benefits that they provide us.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are special aroma oils that are extracted from plants and plant parts. They are generally extracted through the process of steam distillation or by exerting pressure on the plant part to squeeze the fragrance components out of it. The aromatic essential oils are then treated with a carrier oil to form a fragrance oil that can be used in perfumes and other scenting products. The purity of essential oils is determined on the basis of how they are extracted. For example, chemically made essential oils are not considered true essential oils.

Apart from normal scenting and scent marketing, essential oils offer many other medicinal and health benefits when used perfectly. Here are some of the major advantages of using essential oils.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Essential oils contain special aromatic components that can do a lot to relax our minds to cope with mental stress and anxiety. Studies suggest that almost 40 people suffering from stress and anxiety issues use aromatherapy through essential oils as a parallel or alternative treatment. Whether inhaled or applied to the body, essential oils can totally relax our body and mind to make our lives stress-free. Scent marketing with essential oils will also benefit commercial establishments by delivering a more engaging shopping experience for the customers.

Relieves Headaches and Migraines

Essential oils have the power to relieve headaches and migraines very quickly. You might have often applied balms or other medicinal oils on your forehead while you experience a headache or migraine. You should have felt relieved after some time. This is because essential oils are an important ingredient in such balms and oils. Peppermint and lavender oils can reduce normal headaches, while migraine and other severe headaches can be treated by applying a mixture of sesame oil and chamomile to the temples. A study in the 90s also proved that a mix of peppermint oil and ethanol can relieve headache pain easily. A wide range of balms and oils are now available in the market which use essential oil components to relieve headaches. 

Reduces Inflammation

Many essential oils possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help us to treat inflammatory conditions. Even though very few essential oils have been clinically proven to be effective against inflammations, many anti-inflammatory medicines contain thyme and oregano essential oils to fight inflammation. 

Improves Sleep

Essential oils have been proven to influence our nervous system and improve the quality of sleep. Studies suggest that lavender oils can improve sleep in people suffering from heart disease and also in women after childbirth. 15 studies were conducted relating essential oils to sleep, using lavender oils mainly, which showed that they had a significant influence on regulating sleep and maintaining sleep habits.

Prevents Nausea

We often get nauseous while sitting in a vehicle, a suffocating place, or an untidy area. Nausea may also develop as a result of our health conditions like fever, headache, etc. Pleasant essential oils like lavender, orange, and other citrus oils have been proven to prevent nauseous conditions by providing fresh, clean, and pleasant air to breathe. The essential oils will also relax our nervous system to prevent any chance of nausea. May restaurants and cafes use essential oils to scent the place and provide the customers with a fresh atmosphere.

Anibiotic and Antimicrobial

The world of science is in its hunt for other components that can restrict the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Many essential oils possess antibiotic and antimicrobial properties and they are now being used as an ingredient in disinfectants, soaps, detergents, floor cleaners, and much more. Anyway, studies are still going on to use them as a regular ingredient. 

As we have discussed, essential oils can do a lot to our minds, thoughts, actions, health, and help us in everything we experience and engage in. Thus, next time you think about something that can improve your health, be sure to try out essential oils and the various benefits they offer. 

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