Attention Solopreneurs: How To Create A Strong Online Presence

If you are running a business single-handed, you will already be making good use of outsourcing to make sure that all your business processes are carried out. Even solo business owners need the services of 3rd party providers as there are only so many hours in a day. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to boosting your digital profile, there are solutions.

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Hire A Business Coach

If you seek out providers of Sydney business coaching programs for small businesses, for example, they can help you to hone your skills. Some can even show you techniques on how to generate a large social media following. Indeed, the first thing a business coach does is take a good look at you and your business, which enables the business expert to find your weaknesses.

Identifying Skills To Be Developed

This is what a business coach is able to do. He or she would be looking at skills including:

  • Online marketing – Facebook and other social media channels; The coach can give you an in-depth understanding of how to boost your Google rankings, while making you aware of other SEO strategies that you can employ.
  • Management – How resources are assigned, administration and planning.
  • Communication skills – Essential for the smooth running of the business.
  • Bookkeeping – If you don’t keep accurate records of all transactions, you could be in for some serious trouble.

Once the business coach has gathered all the information they need, a personal development plan can be created that, over time, will give you the skills you lacked. The best thing about having business coaching is you learn skills that are there for the rest of your life, benefitting you with every business venture you launch.

Posting Quality Content

When you post anything on social media (or your company website), it should be error free and professional looking. Create a guest blog page on your company website and pay content writers to create engaging content that is industry relevant. When a user reads an informative, well-written article, they do remember the source and would usually bookmark the site and return periodically.

The Art Of Social Media Networking

There are lots of ways that you can network on social media. Join many Facebook groups and make comments when appropriate. List your business with all online business directories and sign up for all social media platforms and post regularly.

All It Takes In A Little Personal Tuition

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If you are not so IT savvy, a few hours per week talking to a business coach via Zoom would be a game-changer. Within a few months, there wouldn’t be much that you don’t know. Social media can be a very powerful marketing arena and you can take advantage of the many benefits from having a large social media following. Rather than spending a lot of time learning from your mistakes, you can have one on one dialogue with an expert, who can quickly bring you up to scratch regarding generating a strong online presence.

When you are making the most from social media, it doesn’t take long to gain a large following, which is essential in this digital age we live in.

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