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Playing the piano is not as difficult as many would think if you have the support of the best teacher. Many musicians consider the piano as the king of all instruments because the musician can generate all types of tones and music of any genre with it. The piano has its importance in every culture. It has been played for a long time in classical gatherings, and now it has taken its place in the modern music culture. Learning the piano is not just a part-time hobby but can be a defining talent if you know it with the focus. Many people find piano learning tedious and fruitless, and the primary cause is learning it from uncertified and unprofessional teachers. 

Learning the piano from the certified teacher would develop your skills, but you will also create a bond with the piano, which will help you in years to come.

Piano Teacher Singapore

If you plan to have the best piano teacher for your kids or want to learn the piano yourself, there is no place better than Piano teacher Singapore. They provide the best teachers that are experts in their skills and teach the piano in the minimum time. These are some of the qualities of our teachers:

Friendly Behavior

All the teachers of the Piano teacher Singapore are very friendly with their students, especially the kids, and they can teach them piano without many hurdles. Playing the piano is one thing and the art to deliver it whole new things and our teachers have both skills. They can teach your kids the best piano lesson in the minimum time and with the most friendly behavior.

Individual Support

Piano teacher Singapore provides individual attention to all the students, and they provide their students with all the support they need. Piano teacher Singapore believes in personal attention, and the teacher only teaches one student at a time giving all the attention. In this way, the kid or student also feels the thrust to learn more and quickly rectify the mistakes. In individual learning, the learning pace and quality are much higher.

Certified Professional 

Piano teacher Singapore hires all their teachers that are internationally qualified and certified. All the Piano teacher Singapore teachers are highly professional and have degrees from national and international institutions.

Piano Lesson In All Genre

Piano teachers in Singapore provide all the lessons in all the genres of the piano. The highly skilled and qualified professionals can teach the students from essential piano learning to professional piano lessons such as pop, jazz, and classical piano. 

Reason To  Learn Piano

Playing the piano is not just a hobby but a healthy activity. Piano playing has its own physical and mental benefits, and it is essential for the child's growth.

Improve The Body

Playing the piano is a workout on its own. Piano playing improves heart rate and controls blood pressure. With the definite movement of the fingers, the reflex of the body increases, and they react more quickly.

Mental Improvement

It is not rocket science to understand that piano increases mental ability. Playing the piano increases the understanding of tone and requires hand and eye exercise that increases mental activity. The children who play the piano are more creative, active and have better curriculum activity.

Release The Stress

Music is known to clear the soul and provide peace to the mind. Playing the piano earns the soul and releases the stress of the mind. Playing the piano is known to increase the relaxation of the mind. It is a widely accepted therapy used to release tension.

Life-Long Skill

Being able to play the piano is a skill that will not go wasted. Piano playing will help at every stage of life, and it provides a lifelong skill and hobby for a part-time or full-time. 

Why Choose Piano Teacher Singapore?

Piano teacher Singapore provides the facilities that other piano classes seldom offer. These are the main qualities of a piano teacher in Singapore. 

Lessons For All Ages

No matter if you want to learn the piano yourself or want your kid to know it. Piano teacher Singapore provides all the expertise in all kinds of lessons. They have a perfect system to teach the piano to kids and adults of all ages.

Free Trial Classes

Piano teacher Singapore provides two free trial classes to students to learn more about the learning environment. The trial classes are free, and there are no hidden charges.

Internationally Certified Syllabus

Piano teachers in Singapore teach their students according to the internationally recognized and certified syllabus that helps the student develop their strong foundations. Students who learn these courses can perform in any part of the world without fear and complete confidence.

Piano Etiquettes

Piano teacher Singapore does not only teach the students to play the piano but also teaches them the complete ethics and etiquettes of piano playing. In this way, the students can perform in professional gatherings with a total attitude and gratitude.

Where To Buy Piano In Singapore

Suppose you are looking for Piano Shop Singapore to have a piano of your own that will help in practicing in the homes and be an excellent part-time hobby to relax the house's atmosphere by playing soothing music. In that case, these Piano Shop Singapore are going to help you. Choosing the best quality piano is essential because it helps increase the skills, and playing the piano on a lousy instrument can destroy the reflex and fundamental skills.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Piano

There are various varieties of piano available in the stores, and they can range from electronic to classical and big size piano to just the keyboard. These are some factors to consider before purchasing the piano.


The quality of the piano is the primary factor in the purchase of the piano. Piano with high quality produces better sound quality with improved range and resonance. The tuning ability of the piano should also be considered. 


Size is the defining factor in the piano. In the case of the piano, the bigger, the merrier. Larger pianos are better in sound quality because of the long string size. Other than that, larger strings produce better sounds. The house interior should be considered when considering the size because too large pianos come from the door openings.


Budget is also the primary factor and the only thing that stops you from purchasing the best quality piano. You should consider your budget and find the best piano in that range.


The purpose of the piano is also essential in purchasing it. You should know if you are buying it for just part-time practice or as an entire hobby. You should consider the purpose and choose the best piano according to it.

Top Piano Shop Singapore 

If you are looking to purchase a piano shop in Singapore these are the best outlets to consider because they provide the best quality at the minimum price.


Yamaha provides one of the highest quality pianos at a minimum price. The company was founded in 1887 and had been selling piano since 1900. They are constantly evolving and have reached the level of perfection. Yamaha is known for its high quality and consistency in quality standards. They have multiple branches in all of Singapore. 


Cristofori is known for its high-quality material and the best prices so that everyone can have the best instrument at the lowest prices. Cristofori has the reputation of one of the most affordable brands, and if you want a budget-friendly piano, then it is the one. 

Century Piano 

Century piano is one of the most respected piano services providers in Singapore. They have been providing their services for the past 35 years, and every single piano is thoroughly checked and handpicked before being displayed for sale.

Chiu Piano 

Founded in 1979, it is located in Thomson plaza and is known for its highest quality pianos such as Schimmel, August Förster, Steingraeber & Söhne, Wilh. Steinberg, Kohler & Campbell and Karl Schönberg. The first three of these piano manufacturers hold the BVK mark, which is the highest certificate in terms of piano quality, and only six companies are awarded it. So you can say that they have the best piano in town.

Prince Piano 

Prince piano is the outlet that sells the reconditioned or second piano and is a great way to find the best piano for half the price. They maintain their pianos so well that it is nearly impossible to distinguish them from the new piano.

Luther Music 

Luther piano is known for selling the best quality digital pianos that are great for confined space and beginners. They have all kinds of digital pianos from reputable companies and are very passionate about their products.

Asia Piano 

It also sells and deals in second-hand pianos and is very good at maintaining them. The founder of this shop is a former technician with Yamaha and was trained directly under the supervision of a notable piano manufacturer. You know the piano is durable and suitable when you buy it from their shop.

Music Lodge 

It is the shop that sells second-hand pianos and has been in business for the past 35 years. They have earned the reputation of providing technical assistance and the best quality piano in an affordable price range. They also offer rental or rent-to-own piano services, which is a great way to test the piano before purchasing.

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