Why Health Insurance is an Absolute Must in 2022

As we all wait for the end of the pandemic, the virus has reminded us that we can’t take our good health for granted; we are, after all, taking about your most valuable asset, namely your health & well-being. We all know how costly private medical treatment is and rather than wait until you need hospital treatment, you should take out adequate health insurance, which is not the same as life insurance.

Here are a few reasons to buy health insurance online from a leading insurance company.

  • Insure against Covid-19 – The pandemic is still ongoing, with Omicron replacing Delta and even vaccination does not protect you from this form of coronavirus. Should you test positive and have to be hospitalised, your health insurance will pick up the bill, which would be a relief. Be warned that many health insurance policies will not cover infectious diseases; when you are on the insurer’s website, you can ask this question before you take out the policy. The covid situation can change from day to day and if you think you live in a high-risk area, you are advised to search online for covid insurance.
  • Out-patient cover – Taking out OPD health Insurance means you won’t have to pay for out-patient medical treatment (according to the terms & conditions of the policy). Sickness and injury can happen to anyone at any time and a few visits to the out-patient section of the hospital soon adds up, cost-wise. There are a number of packages, so you can tailor the cover to suit your needs. It should be noted that you do not have to take out life insurance in order to get health insurance.
  • Hospital cover up to 5m baht – If you are hospitalised for sickness or injury, health insurance covers you for up to 5 million baht, with no limit on the number of admissions in a year. Of course, you do need to read the exclusions very carefully, so that you fully understand what is covered and what is not. Click here for tips on relieving stress. The best thing to do is talk to an insurance company and ask about the various policies that are available, then you will be able to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle.
  • Global coverage – Outside of the US, you are fully covered for global travel; should you fall ill or have an accident, your international cover will pick up the costs (see terms & conditions). Travelling is risky, as you are in a strange environment and with different climate and food, this can easily cause a bout of sickness. Minor expenses are paid by the policyholder and you can claim directly from the online insurer, while serious cases of hospitalisation would be covered by the insurer. Prior to travelling, do check to see if there are exclusions; extreme sports like bungee jumping might not be included in your global health insurance.
  • Premiums are tax deductible - Health insurance costs (up to 25,000 baht) are tax deductible, which has to be good news. Don’t forget to claim this when you file your annual tax return, as every little adds up.
As the cost of living rises, medical costs also rise and you should make sure that you have adequate health insurance to cover you for most eventualities. Life is full of uncertainties and with the right health insurance, you can rest assured that you have everything covered. Here is some entry requirement information if you are planning to fly to Thailand.

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