What are Bubblers and Steps to Use It

A bubbler is a smoking device with similarities to both bongs and pipes. Bubblers can be simple or intricate, small, or large, but the basic structure consists of a bowl connected to a stem with water in between. Before using this device, you should know several things, including how to use a bubbler?

What Are Bubblers?

Bubblers are smoking devices that use water to cool and filter the smoke before inhaling. The water also helps trap some of the harmful carcinogens in the smoke, making it a healthier option than smoking cigarettes or joints.

You can find bubble bottom bongs in various sizes, shapes, and styles. The material used can be glass, but sometimes metal or plastic. It is essential to choose a bubbler made from high-quality materials, as this will ensure that it lasts longer and does not break easily.

Few Types of Bubblers

  • The most common type is the straight-tube bubbler. This style has a long, narrow tube that leads to a larger chamber which is fulled with water. The smoke travels through the water, and you can inhale it through the mouthpiece.
  • Another popular type of bubbler is the beaker bubbler. This style has a round, bowl-shaped base that contains water. The smoke travels through the water, and you can inhale it through a mouthpiece on top of the bowl shape.
  • The last type of bubbler is called a percolator bubbler. This style has multiple small holes at its base where the smoke travels from before being inhaled by you.

How Do You Use a Bubbler?

1) You must fill the bubbler with water about halfway. You can use cold or room temperature tap water for this step.

2) Hold the bubbler in one hand and put your mouth over the top of it with lips around the rim. Put some tobacco, weed, or whatever herb you're using into a bowl on top. Push down gently so that there are no air pockets underneath but don't press too hard because this will cause water to come up the stem and into your mouth.

3) Light the herb with a match or lighter. Draw in through both sides until you feel comfortable, then let go and wait for it to cool down before inhaling again. Do this several times until you fill up your lungs completely.

4) Place it on a flat surface such as your palm and inhale. Do not put anything else other than what is already in the pipe before lighting; this might cause some water to come up through with herb and make things messy.

5) Gently blow into the bubbler to clear out any remaining smoke once you finish. It will also push water and herb residue through the pipe and into the water chamber.

Note: If you're using a metal pipe, don’t use a lighter to heat the bowl. Use a match or candle instead because the butane in lighters can damage plastic and metal parts.

Therefore, these are some tips on how you can use a bubbler. Now that you know what and how, your life will be much easier.

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