Tips For Using Silk Bed Sheets with Other Fabrics

Many people wish to have that perfect comfy bed that is both visually appealing and comfortable to sleep in. However, the idea of mixing and matching multiple fabrics and textures can frighten us, causing us to resort to the cookie cutter bed sheets. Especially, when it comes to silk, people often become stumped on how to properly incorporate other fabrics and textures that will blend nicely with your silk bedding set.

Silk is a very dynamic fabric that works well when combined with the right pieces. While you will want to use silk as your main fabric for its various benefits, you have the freedom to mix and match throw pillows as well as blankets to add contrasting textures to your bed. Add a little life to your boudoir by mixing and matching your linens in new ways. You can combine different colors and patterns, or even different materials. And when your bed looks beautiful, you'll love slipping under the blankets with a good book every night. Here are a few of our favorite mix and match bedding ideas.

Furry blankets go well with silk sheets

The silk fabric makes the bedding set look softer and more inviting, as does a furry blanket draped across the duvet.

Adding a fluffy and warm blanket over top won't make you feel hot because silk sheets don't trap and contain heat.

Add cotton pillows to your silk bedding

Mixing different fabrics and textures in silk bed sheets is a great option for people interested in silk for its many benefits. However, silk is often expensive. There are also people who aren't ready to give up other textures and fabrics entirely. With silk bed sheets and a cotton pillow mix, you can now enjoy a better night's sleep. Silk's hypoallergenic and temperature-regulating properties can be enjoyed in conjunction with the comfort of cotton pillows while still staying within your budget.

Compliment Colorful Silk Sheets with Neutral Pillows

Even though they are different fabrics, as long as the colors complement each other, you will be able to have a new bed set that shows off your interior design skills! Just make sure that if you are using more vibrant and colorful silk sheets, that your pillows remain neutral so that they don’t overpower one another, making your bedding set seem mismatched.

Take on Different Textures

Different textures can create a feast for the eyes. A smooth silk duvet contrasts wonderfully against a chunky woven blanket. Your bed skirt is an easy way to make a statement; try one with a playful fringe or delicate embroidery. A few throw pillows covered in sequins or beads will mix things up, and add a little color to a drab winter day.

It is recommended to incorporate silk as much as possible in your bed to reap all the health and comfort benefits of the fabric. Silk is a luxurious, unique fabric, but mixing and matching other fabrics can also enhance the overall look and feel of your bed. You can always select pillows and blankets in a variety of patterns, textures, and colors to complement your silk sheets.

No matter what bedding combinations you play around with, never wash dark and light sheets together. The light sheets can diminish the intensity of deep colors, and they might end up stained. Keep them separated and aim to wash them every two weeks to make things extra fresh.

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