Tips for Buying Patio Furniture

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When summer is starting, the outdoors is naturally calling to everyone, and this is where patio furniture becomes essential. When they are appropriately situated in the right place, they will add as a home extension that sets a background for an afternoon of relaxation and fun.

However, shopping for outdoor furniture can be challenging. There are so many options out there for comfortable patio furniture sets, but fortunately, there are factors that you can consider. The materials, comfort, functionality, design, and colors will give you an idea of what to look for specifically. Here are some tips that may help you out.

Consider the Weather in your Area

Do you live near the beaches, or is your weather hot and dry? If the midday sun is beating down your outdoor set, it's important to get durable pieces regardless of the climate in your area. If it's often raining, you might want to get sets that are durable or easy to store.

In situations where you're always getting a hot and dry condition, know that the wood will crack or splinter if it's not stored in the shade. On the other hand, the frequent moisture will result in rot. The strong winds may send the chairs flying. Iron will withstand the air, but it might not get used to salty air. The sun is one of the factors that will discolor the paint, make the wood bleached, and degrade the synthetic materials.

Metals are usually not affected by the sun. However, the rubber and plastic materials are susceptible to ultraviolet light damage regardless of the manufacturers' claims. This is going to be true if you live in higher elevations. To choose a suitable material, you would want to know the kind of weather that you often have all year round. 

Wood furniture will allow for a more classic and homier vibe. However, you need to ensure that they come with weather-resistant finishes, and they should be factory-applied. The finishes will break down eventually, so refinishing it once every six months will help your furniture last. Learn more about the weather and how it affects the furniture on this page.

Measurements of the Outdoor Space

You need to know the amount of space you have and how you're going to shape the furniture. If you have a narrow balcony, you might want that long chair to make you comfortable outdoors and ensure that the couch won't block the way. If you have a more expansive deck, consider getting sets of chairs and tables for a more uniform look.

Furnishing the patio is like buying furniture for your living room. You need to determine the size and get accurate measurements. Leave more than enough space for everyone to walk around. Apply principles of traffic flow outdoors as you would in indoor spaces.

Look for bistro tables and chairs because they have smaller sizes, and they are often ideal for your needs. Bar tables may work out well for the smaller and narrower patio because they are narrower. The stools will also not take up too much space.

Before heading out so you could shop for the best furniture, take note of the current dimensions and make quick sketches of the spaces. Jot them down and draw the area. It's best to measure everything in the store because it's easy to mix up the proportions and end up with the wrong size.

Determine the Area around your Furniture

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If your outdoor space or patio is exposed to the elements, you may want to have an overhead covering, so you can still spend time outside even if it rains. Decide whether the chairs and tables will sit on hard surfaces or soft grassy grounds. 

Choose the materials that will be an excellent match to your surroundings and environment. The ground's moisture can cause the rotting of the wood and corrosion of metals, so you might want to install a concrete patio first before buying tables and chairs. 

Comfort is Important

You're going to use these chairs to relax outdoors and read books in the afternoon, so make sure that they will be comfortable. Choose an outdoor fabric resistant to mildew and does not fade quickly. See posts about fabric here: If the lounges don't have cushions, you can always buy them or create your own. 

Always store the cushions during off-seasons and don't expose them to the elements. Usually, the furniture will last the upholstery, so you might find yourself buying pillows twice or thrice over the life of the chairs. So, make sure to get affordable but durable ones. 

Upholstery fabrics will last longer if you're going to store them after use. Put them away and wash them regularly. Aside from the comfortable chairs, you might want to add other extra pieces like rockers and recliners for a more relaxed outdoor experience. Try out the furniture and see if you can comfortably stretch on them. Add daybeds and hammocks for your guests.

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