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Although there are reports of cricket dating back centuries, the game's exact roots are unknown. Historians differ on the exact origins of cricket, but it is widely assumed that it evolved from an old English shepherding sport. It is thought that they hit a stone or woolen ball with their crooks.

The match took place in Coxheath, Kent, England. It's unclear when cricket first began. There are people who are so engrossed in the game look out to play cricket fantasy with other players in the online strategy. 

Cricket was first documented in 1550, when students from the Royal Grammar School in Guildford, England, played a game. Although it is clear that cricket was played as early as the mid-sixteenth century, the first match was not recorded until 1646, over a century later. 

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People in previous centuries, on the other hand, did not have that option. However, this does not rule out the possibility of gambling. Indeed, early cricket was associated with gambling, and it is this association that has contributed to cricket's popularity.

People used to bet a lot of money on sports. The stakes in an 11-a-side encounter in 1679 were as high as 50 guineas each side, according to records. 

With such high stakes at stake, it was necessary to establish a set of official rules. The first set of cricket rules was written in 1744. They are printed on a handkerchief that's currently on display at Lord's in London's MCC Museum. 

Cricket had become a major gambling sport in Britain by the end of the seventeenth century. Cricket underwent some changes in the eighteenth century. The game had grown in popularity, and large crowds would gather to watch games at London's Artillery Ground in Finsbury. 

The most popular were single-wicket games. Bowling a ball rather than skimming or rolling it towards the batsman did not become legal until 1760. When that occurred, changes were made to the bat design, and it became known as the type of cricket bat used today. 

Cricket bats were previously shaped more like hockey sticks. Furthermore, practices such as three-stump wicket and leg before wicket were not implemented until the latter half of the century. 

The famous Hambledon Club was founded in the eighteenth century, and it remained the most prominent club until the Marylebone Cricket Club was founded two decades later. Since then, the MCC has grown to become one of the most prominent organizations in world cricket.

  • Cricket evolved in the present era of the game!

Professional cricket was only available to England's aristocratic classes until the late eighteenth century. But it wasn't long before the game became accessible to all and eventually became England's national sport.

After England's imperialism spread cricket to various other countries in the eighteenth century, the game began to become as popular in other countries as it was in England. Canada and the United States played the first international cricket match in 1844.

The nineteenth century also saw changes in the way the game was played. For example, underarm bowling was gradually phased out in favour of round-arm and then overarm bowling. As a result, cricket began to closely resemble the modern game.

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  • What is Online fantasy Sports and gaming? 

Online fantasy sports gaming (OFSG) is a type of gambling. Sports fans can participate in skill-based online sports gaming. One can assemble their own team of real-life players from upcoming matches and is widely used Cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, and other well-known sports.

Sporting events Points are awarded to these virtual teams. It is based on players' actual statistical performance. The winners are determined during the course of the real-life match determined in accordance with the report.

Furthermore, mobile phones are the most popular device among online gamers due to the flexibility they provide in terms of potential 'anytime, anywhere' usage.  

During the same time period, average data usage per subscriber increased significantly due to the availability of low-cost smartphones and smart feature phones, as well as rapidly falling data costs.

This expansion of digital infrastructure has resulted in the availability of high-speed internet to the Indian masses, which has aided in the growth of fantasy sports. Though a nascent industry in India, fantasy sports has been taking the necessary steps to achieve self-regulation through its industry body.

  • Rise of online fantasy sports gaming in India 

The rise of online fantasy sports gaming in India has not only increased user interest in sports, but has also spawned an entire ecosystem around it. Most importantly, the emergence of fantasy sports is fostering a stronger bond between sports fans and real-life sports. 

Over the last two years, the number of internet subscribers has increased from 368 million in September 2016 to 560 million in September 2018, with broadband accounting for 90% of the total. The fantasy sports has converted many casual sports viewers into die-hard fans.

Fantasy sports operators are increasingly utilizing new technologies to expand their product offerings and improve real-time fan engagement. The number of technology providers offering analytics services to users and operators has increased in the industry.

The ability to play the sport on a handheld device and at any time, regardless of location or time, has significantly increased user engagement in the online fantasy cricket and sports. The game has awesome features to find the right kind of players to get involved in it. 

  • Conclusion 

Technology has played an important role in bridging the gap between real sports and fantasy sports. On the transaction side, online payment companies stand to benefit because fantasy sports only accept digital payments, increasing transparency and traceability of funds.

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