How to Increase Your Winter Wanderer Reputation in the New World


This year's Winter Convergence Festival has arrived in New World, showering the fields of Aeturnum with gifts and blanketed them with snow. This is the first major seasonal event in the game, and it will bring with it a slew of festive new activities and content for players to enjoy over the Christmas season. As players participate in these new activities, they will collect event reputation, which will allow them to get access to exclusive winter-themed armor and weaponry and even earn New World gold.


The Winter Wanderer, a friendly Yeti who has built up four winter settlements for players to explore, is in charge of organizing the event. The villages may be found in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Brightwood, and Weaver's Fen, and they can be found on a player's map near one of the territory's quick travel shrines, which are often found near one of the villages. In each of these settlements, the Winter Wanderer can be found, and he has a new mission for players to complete, which involves trekking into Yeti's caverns in order to slay them and put an end to the Forever Winter. Speaking with the Wanderer also grants players access to the Convergence Shop, where they can see the various rewards they can purchase with their Winter Tokens as they progress in their reputation with the Wanderer. Read Download free movies


To acquire favor with the Winter Wanderer, there are a variety of methods available. The most straightforward is to gather Lost Presents, which can be found all throughout the world. The majority of Lost Presents are located on the ground, however some are floating in the air and must be collected by hitting them with a ranged weapon. Collecting each present awards 5 event XP, which can subsequently be exchanged for event tokens at a Winter Village after they have been collected. The second means of obtaining reputation is to gather Gleamite, which is a meteorite that falls from the sky at random during a meteor shower at night. Players gain 5 experience points for gathering Gleamite, and 25 experience points for mining the larger Gleamite Chunks. Gleamite, like the Lost Presents, can be exchanged for event tokens in a Winter Village, just as they can be exchanged for Lost Presents.


How Can I Improve My Winter Wanderer Reputation in the New World?

It is the ultimate and most effective method for players to improve their standing with the Winter Wanderer in New World by visiting the Trees of Light. Trees of Light can be found in the town square of each settlement and award players with event reputation as well as a gift from the Gift Pile, which contains a metal ingot and New World Gold Coins for sale. Trees of Light can be found in the town square of each community. Players can claim gifts from the Trees of Light in each village once every day by visiting them. Similar to the way other Town Projects are upgraded, the amount of reputation earned from the Tree of Light increases as players complete Town Project missions to raise the tier level of the Tree, increasing the amount of reputation earned from the Tree. The Bountiful Gift Sacks located next to the Winter Wanderer in each of the four Winter Villages can also be looted by players, with each prize consisting of 125 event points and a present.


As players progress through the ranks of repute, they acquire access to a variety of unique frost-coated weapons and armor pieces. Similar to the New World Faction Representatives, the more a player's reputation rating rises, the better the benefits they'll be able to obtain from the Winter Wanderer's Convergence Shop, which is located in the same location.


The following are the Winter Convergence Festival's reputation rankings in the New World:

No reputation for the first rung, Reveler (starting rank)

2nd place: Celebrant with 1,000 repute.

Rank 3 - Merrymaker - has a reputation of 3,000 points.

Rank 4 - Joybringer - has a reputation of 6,000.

Rank 5: Holiday Regent with a reputation of 10,000.

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