How To Earn More VC in NBA 2K22 MyCareer Mode?


If you're new to NBA 2K22, you may find that the MyCareer game mode is both very attractive and rewarding.

Shortly after launching a new game, you will find that it is essential to have a sufficient amount of VC to succeed in MyCareer, such as you need millions of NBA 2K22 MT in MyTeam mode to get unstoppable team.

Players cannot be upgraded without VC. If the overall rating is low, you are unlikely to compete in game mode.With this guide, you can find everything you need to know about getting approval and maximizing as soon as possible, from choosing the right agent to getting fans.


Earn VC in NBA 2K22 My Career

There are several easy ways to earn VCs in the NBA 2K22, but playing the MyCareer game is one of the best ways to accumulate cash in your title as soon as possible.

All MyCareer games offer guaranteed salaries and bonus earnings to reach milestones or simply by maintaining a high player build such us the overpowered NBA 2K22 lockdown builds. You will probably find that these mechanisms are a major source of your VC income.However, as you progress, another much more influential way to earn VCs in MyCareer will open up to you.


Sponsorship and endorsement make a big difference

Sponsorship and approval are important tools in the game. These can significantly increase VC's total revenue in MyCareer. Once the approved transaction is secured, the more games you play, the more chances you have to earn a VC.

Basically, playing MyCareer games with a sponsorship agreement gives you an advantage over other 2K22 VC acquisition methods and is an integral part of gameplay.


More fans equal to more deals

With MyCareer, the more fans you have, the more sponsorship contracts you have, and the more profitable your VC will be. A new offer will be sent when the player reaches each of the following tiers of fan totals.As your fans grow and your players become more marketable, you can even renegotiate your old sponsorship and demand more money.Getting fans with MyCareer isn't too difficult. It's as easy as winning a basket or making a goodwill gesture to win a fan.

However, some plays win more than fans than others, and some of the highest "fan-winning" plays in the game are:

l  Flashy pass assist

l  Rob Pass

l  Alley-oop finish

l  Self-finish from Alley-oop

l  Score off assist

l  Step back unlimited range triple

l  Fade jump shot and triple

l  Euro step

l  Reverse layup

l  Dunk posterization

l  Steal

l  Opponent's Fastbreak score

l  Block

l  Chase down block

Therefore, when playing games on MyCareer, do your best to perform some of these plays to maximize your chances of gaining fans.


Don't forget to receive the check

If you secure a sponsor and play some games with the approval as it is, you will get money. But surprisingly, many 2K players either neglect the simple step of collecting checks or simply forget to complete them.

As a result, they leave a pile of unused VCs in the bank. Over time, this misstep can significantly slow down your progress in game mode. Therefore, to maximize revenue, you should always pay attention to the messages from your agents.

After he gets in touch, you can collect your income at the VC Sports Management Building shown below:


How to trigger an approval event in NBA 2K22

In 2K22, approval events are typically triggered as you progress through the MyCareer storyline. The basic idea here is that the more MyCareer or Park games you play, the more fans your players will get.

Once the fan threshold is reached, you will be able to negotiate a contract with the sponsor and an approval event will be held shortly thereafter.

To increase the chances of more approval events, we need to focus on maximizing the number of new fans that players will get each time they play. Tips are in the "More fans equal to more deals" section. Basically, approval events pop up at random times during the season.

After attending a sponsored event, the agent will notify you that the check for the backlog payment obtained by attending the sponsored event is available.


What to do if 2K22 approval isn't working

Members of the 2K community seem to have the problem of not being able to collect cryptocurrencies for approved transactions. As a result, thousands of VCs may be trapped in the vault and not monetized in the VC Sports Management building. Unfortunately, there is no clear solution to this problem in the game. Read Nfl Thusday Night Football

In general, some users have resolved this issue by downloading a new patch update for the NBA 2K22 as it becomes available. Another option is to contact 2K Support and submit a request for a cryptocurrency that cannot be billed. To do this, you need to go to the 2K support page and fill out a ticket detailing the issue. Hopefully the NBA 2K support staff will solve the problem for you.


The best shoe brand in NBA 2K22

Generally speaking, one shoe brand is not better than the other in the 2K22. Choosing a particular brand does not give players more perks or help them make more money. After all, the payroll and payment system is basically the same for all MyCareer players, regardless of the brand you choose.

With that in mind, choosing a brand is more of a personal preference. If you are a beginner, it is best to choose the brand that you feel most comfortable with when you see the player wearing it for a long time. While brand selection does not affect gameplay beyond aesthetic value, there are some aspects to consider.

l  Which design do you feel more?

MyCareer gives you the opportunity to customize your shoes. Therefore, if the design is important to you, you need to make some decisions. It's a good idea to go to MyCareer's Shoe Creator menu and quickly browse through all the designs to get a feel for each brand before making a selection.

This can have an aesthetic impact on the overall gaming experience in the 2K22, as different brands offer different designs. For example, if you're a fan of classic Jordan shoes and other Nike lines such as Kobe, Lebron, and KD, it makes sense to choose between Jordan and Nike.

Both brands are owned by the same company, so if you sign with either brand, it doesn't matter if the player wears Nike or Jordan shoes.

l  After signing the contract, do not wear the wrong brand of shoes.

After choosing a brand, it is important that the player respects the contract with the company. This means that when playing NBA games, you should avoid wearing shoes from another brand. Otherwise, players may receive a warning from the sponsor and lose the approval agreement in the process. 

How to collect backing money and VC from 2K22 backing

You can collect nominations by going to the nearby VC Sports Management Building. After about 3-7 games, you will usually receive a message from the agent. This message indicates that there are approval checks available. As a rule of thumb, it's a good idea to check your phone once every 3-7 times ...

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