Different types of Casino Games

The online gambling market is one that has boomed in recent years and one large factor that has played a huge role in making this happen is the fact that there are a variety of different types of casino games that can be played now.

Indeed, whilst choosing an online casino such as casino777 is a challenging task in itself, picking out the best type of game and the subsequent title available to play can be a completely different challenge altogether.

With thousands of different titles from industry leading developers continually being made available across a variety of different game categories and types, it is hardly a surprise so many punters - experienced and new - sometimes feel rather intimidated by the options that they can choose from.

Those outlined below are just some of the different types of games that can be found at the very best online casino platforms, with each one being defined a little further whilst also providing an example as the type of game that can be expected when chosen.


Of course, a staple of the online casino scene and the entire gambling industry as a whole, online video slot games are one of the many types of different games that can be found. As highlighted before, there are a number of different choices that can be made when deciding to opt for these games, with a variety of options that can be selected. Best Casino in Singapore provide best experience on their platform. Get your bonuses at one of Singapore's greatest online casinos.


There are the traditional online video slot games that will provide players with a standard experience that can include a number of bonus features, although they are typically played across three or five reels. Additionally, there are some slot titles that will feature a number of different reels and positions that can be utilised throughout the gameplay, with games such as those that feature the Megaways mechanic being rather common.

Megaways are ideal for those who wish to try and win the most lucrative of prizes as they will typically be offered hundreds of thousands of different ways to win, whilst there are online video slot games that will also provide bettors with the opportunity to win from progressive jackpots. Again, this type of slot is becoming more and more popular, especially as the jackpots can be rather astronomical in size.

Classic table games

Indeed, any top online casino platform will provide a member with the opportunity to choose from a range of different classic table games with which a player can enjoy themselves with. These games range from traditional card games such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, whilst also featuring a number of variants of roulette, as well.

Furthermore, other casino games that can be found are those in which developers have looked to take advantage of technology and be as innovative as possible, with titles based on TV game shows or where they have been inventive and provided something rather new and unique.

Live dealer casino games

Speaking of being as innovative as possible and making the most of the technological advancements the world has experienced, live dealer casino games have become incredibly popular for gamblers all over the planet and for a number of different reasons.

Those who are unable to go to a physical brick-and-mortar establishment or are looking for a more convenient gaming experience have turned to this particular type of game as they are able to enjoy an experience that is authentic and almost as real as the real thing. The technology involved has allowed casino operators and bettors to feel as immersed in the action as possible, making them feel as though they are sitting at the roulette, poker or blackjack table as they play a round or hand!

Bingo, Lottery and Scratches

Punters who decide to use an online casino platform these days will also find that they are able to participate in games that may not have typically been available at a physical establishment in the past.

For instance, games such as bingo, lottery-based games and even scratches have started to be introduced into the online gambling industry and are quickly becoming favourites with players all over the world. Perhaps in the same way that slots do, these types of games provide bettors with a simplistic gambling experience and one that requires little to no effort at all to understand and enjoy.

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