5 Types of Bulk SMS Texts to Boost Your Business Goals


Today, it is highly crucial for businesses to integrate bulk SMS activities into their marketing strategies. It is a direct path to opening conversions with the customer and will always remain open as long as the content doesn’t lose value.

Delivering the right messages to key audiences boosts the response rates while simultaneously enhancing other marketing KPIs. And for every campaign, relevant wording remains a prerequisite for success.

The text message characters might be, in some instances, limited to 160 characters, but even with that word count, in bulk texting, you can incorporate links or short codes for better results. Luckily, there are lots of SMS marketing types that can be used despite any business model. Here are the 5 major ones:

1.   Transactional SMS

These are the type of text messages used to pass useful information when a customer is using a particular service or product. In transactional texts, a pre-determined text is triggered by a customer’s specific action.

For effectiveness, companies use a bulk SMS solution with an API gateway. This gives room for integration and reaching more people at once.

Transactional SMS includes welcomes, order confirmations, shipment updates, two-factor authentications, bookings, delivery status, payment reminders, among others.

2.   Giveaways

If you want people to opt into your SMS marketing initiatives, then give them something attractive enough to entice them to join your company or try your products and services.

For example, you can give a real-time discount in exchange for a subscription, exclusive services, memberships, or products for subscribing to your SMS marketing, holding contests to gather subscribers, among other strategies.


3.   Broadcast

As the name hints, broadcast messages serve to convey or communicate an important message. Through bulk SMS, this message can be delivered to a large group of people almost instantaneously.

Health professionals can use bulk SMS for appointment confirmations, cancellations, refers, reminders, among others. The good thing is, these messages can be scheduled to fit the appropriate times.

Broadcast messages can be used in recruitment to increase response rates or source better candidates and get them on board. It is not just about commerce, but about ensuring that relevant content is brought to the customer. It has the power to drive action, to encourage people to do something, and it works.

4.   One-time password

One-Time Password (OTP) is a unique code generated by the SMS software. These types of passwords are valid for only a fixed period before it expires. Banking apps or any other app that is configured to be logged in with an OTP are good examples of how some firms utilize the messaging service.

For such secure authentication, you need a reputable bulk SMS provider to ensure that the service is tested for any issues. Celcom Africa has all the features you need to make this a success.

5.   Promotional SMS

These are the texts sent to customers by a company to sell or promote a product or service. They are also used to generate interest and facilitate direct engagement. They cannot be sent without the consumer’s permission.

Promotional texts are usually enticing, beautifully structured, and highly professional. Some of the most common examples of promotional messages include promo codes, mobile keyword SMS, sales and discounts announcements, announcements of new products or services, loyalty rewards, and more!

There are lots of other types of messages companies can use to grow and sustain customers, which include coupons and security.

But eventually, since SMS cannot replace all your other marketing strategies, then integrating it with your platform comes highly recommended. This cannot be achieved, however, if you don’t have a reliable bulk SMS provider. Celcom Africa allows you to ensure that your overall marketing strategy is working.

Celcom Africa makes it easy to send bulk SMS directly from your mobile, web, or integrate your app into a free SMS API.

The bulk SMS portal is equipped with all the advanced features like automated bulk SMS payment, excel sheet upload, downloadable reports, scheduling SMSs, and tracking the number of SMS credits available in your account.

Celcom Africa’s bulk SMS service is comprehensive with great customer support, zero downtime, and easy to use. The system can seamlessly be integrated into your business to help you outshine your industry competition.

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