5 Audience Insights Tools to Help You Grow Your Brand

You can only effectively market your brand if you have a thorough understanding of the audience you’re marketing your products or services to. One effective way to accomplish that is to use audience insights tools. These tools allow you to acquire demographic details, preferences, and possibly perceptions of prospective audience members. At the same time, they analyze the data to allow you to generate marketing strategies that fit into the wants of your target audience. With that said, this article goes over 5 of these tools.  

What Is Audience Insights?

Before getting into the tools, it’s important to discuss what insights into audiences are. They are sources of detailed information about internet users. So, essential data from prospective customers, such as purchasing patterns, demographics, browsing histories, and so on, would be available, allowing you to learn which customers you should target for your marketing campaign.

These tools are also useful because they help you learn about existing customers and data about them in real-time. Collecting a lot of data from customers can be challenging to process and make sense of. So, these tools provide an analysis for you. With enough analysis, you may also be able to predict customer behavior.

Moreover, when you learn something new about customers, you can quickly build rapport with them by fulfilling a certain want or need through your products or services.

The 5 Audience Insights Tools

Now that you’re aware of what insights are, let’s get into 5 of these tools.

1.      Facebook Audience Insights

This tool is provided by Facebook for Business. This tool offers information on target audiences so that you can target your social media ads to them after social media trend analysis. You can also manage your marketing budget more effectively if you know that you’re only targeting audiences that are highly likely to convert.

Another advantage of Facebook’s tool is that you’ll be able to customize messages and offers for your prospective customers. Also, Facebook has access to minute details about people, such as their gender, age, job, interests, and a lot more. Therefore, access to such information ensures that you offer appropriate content to relevant users at all times.

2.      Audiense

Audiense is one of the best tools for audience analytics available. So, it has a reputation of providing useful analytics using the information of audience members that include their demographics, interests, media consumption, and characteristics.

Audiense also renders personality insights powered by IBM Watson. Therefore, you can use this feature to discover certain audiences and their purchasing habits online. In addition to that, the company has two products called Audiense Connect and Audiense Insights. Both allow you to segment your audience in a unique and useful way.

3.      Brandwatch Audiences

Brandwatch Audiences is a relatively easier and quicker intelligence platform to use than the others mentioned above. This tool allows you to use several different filters to develop your audiences seamlessly. Some of these filters include location, bio, content, and interests.

An additional advantage of this tool is that you can migrate audiences to the “Brandwatch Consumer Research.” With this feature, you can acquire data on audience content engagement and conversations.

4.      People Pattern

People Pattern, as the name suggests, is specifically useful for learning about what audiences are engaging with and sharing online. People Pattern has a significant database of Twitter users. So, you can build your audience segments by searching for keywords, demographics, or geography.

The tool also compartmentalizes various audiences into categories or pre identified segments and breaks them into topics such as news, technology, sports, entertainment, or media. As a result, you’ll be able to target relevant types of activity for your marketing needs.

So, a great benefit of using People Pattern is that it allows you to operate marketing campaigns driven by data on a large scale, reaching large audiences.

5.      Buzzsumo

The last of some of the best business audience insights tools available is Buzzsumo. This tool has a unique feature through which you can use a search query for content analysis. So, a simple search on a specific thing will provide you with all content related to that. In addition to that, it provides the number of times content related to that has been shared on various social media platforms that include Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Through this feature, you can view all those users who shared the relevant content on their social media accounts. Also, you’ll have access to some of their details as well. For example, if you’re searching for a certain professional such as a healthcare professional, you’ll find all social media users with that profession written in their bios. It helps you learn about specific users, allowing you to target those who are likely going to be interested in what you have to sell through your brand. You can provide relevant offers once you know who your ideal audience segment is.

Tips for Making Content with Insights

Once you have the relevant insights into your audience, you’ll need to make content that can capture their interest and maintain it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your content.

Keep It Focused on Questions Your Audience Frequently Asks

Once you have your target audience, look at what questions they frequently ask on social media platforms about certain products and services relevant to your business. In turn, generate content that is relevant to what they need. Providing valuable information to your prospective customers can help them see your company as an authority in a certain field, which could help them want to look into your company and your products and services.  

Show Your Audience That You Care About Their Needs

You’ll help grow your brand if you show your target audience that you care about their needs. So, create content that addresses how your product or services addresses common problems that your audience may be experiencing.

Engage with Your Audience and Develop Trust through Effective Communication

It’s important to continue engaging with your target audience to build your brand. It can help to give away free advice and other useful information through your content to help build trust with your prospective customers. Also, interact with them on social media after they show interest in your company and ads through

Share the Benefits of Choosing Your Company—Not the Features You Offer

When creating your content and grabbing the attention of your target audience for the first time, make sure your content doesn’t highlight the features your company offers. Instead, you should focus on the benefits. Everything you say should be with reference to how your products and services can help your prospective customers.

Last Few Words

It’s with no doubt that using tools for gaining insights into your audience can have remarkable effects on your marketing campaign. It helps you stay focused on marketing to people that are likely to buy your product, and it helps you learn more about them in real-time. That said, after you acquire that necessary information, it’s important how you make use of it. So, make sure that your content reflects what your audience cares about to truly help grow your brand effectively. 

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