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Buying the right kind of kids wear can be daunting. If your infant is too picky to wear anything, then it might be a stressful task for you to buy something that they also like, comfortable enough, so you want as well. Canadian made dresses are now a trend especially matching clothes for mom and her little ones. But only buying clothes is not the end of the story. Storing them properly in the wardrobe is another task. For a working mother doing everything is a handful job. 

So what to buy and how to keep them here is a complete guide for you that might clear all your confusion.

What to buy for your little angels?

According to the occasion:

Don't buy anything for the kids because that will be a waste of money. Buy clothes according to the occasion. If you are going for a beach vacation, buy wholesale toddler shorts to enjoy the sun and be comfortable in the sand and everything; if you buy them a gown for the beach vacation, that will be a total flop. Just like that for Christmas, buy some warm fur sweaters to keep them warm and comfortable. 

Washable clothes:

If your kid's wardrobe is full of dry clean clothes, then you are probably doing the shopping wrong. Dry clean garments are for party wear. They don't feel comfortable in daily life by wearing them, and most importantly, hygiene is a must for kids. They run, fall, jump, climb and do lots of activities in the dirt, so their clothes need to be washed every day. 

Cartoon characters:

If your little one wants to look like some fairy tale princess, we are not surprised by that. Kids love to dress like a princess and act like fairy tale princesses. Buy them the wholesale princess dresses and let them live their fairy tale. Or your little tornado wants to dress like batman or spiderman for Halloween, get them the costume, and let them be the superhero.

Long-lasting trends:

Buy some clothes that are long-lasting in fashion. That way you can use those clothes for a longer time as long as they don't grow out of them. That will be some cost-effective spending.

Wardrobe tips for organizing clothes:

It's easy to buy clothes but organizing them is a handful of tasks. Here are some tips to help you through this

  • You need to spend at least one day of the year to see what stays and what goes to waste.
  • Sort out the summer clothes and winter clothes. Street style and party wear keep them separately 
  • Hang the party wear dresses.
  • Keep the essentials in the front and reachable heights so they can get it when you are not around.
  • Keep some space for toys and other things. 
Finally, engage them in these activities, take them shopping with you and take their opinion. They will learn from you. You will learn about their dislikes growing up. They will grow fast, but these memories will stay with both of you.

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