A step by step Guide to install Tensor-Flow

Deep learning is one of the hottest topic in present era considering the field of technology. The advancements in this field has made it possible to replace the human beings from industry by Computer programs or Machines. Further various training and certification programs like Artificial Intelligence Certification and Artificial Intelligence Training made it an industry standard to get educated and gain experience in the field.  It is expected that the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is going to make more than 2.2 million jobs around the year 2021. The enhancements in this field is possible by making use of TensorFlow. 

Define TensorFlow.

TensorFlow Classification is an Open source machine learning program by Google. Sprintzeal It is used for dataflow programming for a variety of tasks. In the graph, the edges denote about the multi-dimensional arrays communicated between them, while the nodes represent the mathematical operations in the graph.

Choosing TensorFlow over other programs in the market.

TensorFlow is end to end open-source platform for machine learning. new technology It contains a wide group of tools, libraries, and community resources that permits the researchers to push the state-of-art in Machine Learning and to develop a diverse Machine learning power-driven applications simply and expeditiously. Wide collections of developers make use of Tensor-Flow to resolve real-world issues and problems.

  • Easy Model Building- By making use of high-level API like Keras, we can easily build and train Machine learning models, which makes for immediate model iteration and easy debugging.

  • Powerful experimentation- A simple and flexible architecture that can take the new ideas from the concept of code and for the publication purposes faster.

  • Robust ML production everywhere- No matter which language an individual is using he/she can easily train and deploy the models on the device, in the browser or in cloud.

Some Applications Developed using Tensor-Flow

By making use of Tensor-Flow many International Companies had made their world-class models which solve the problem in real-time. Having a look at some applications developed using Tensor-Flow:

1. Twitter- Tensor-Flow is used by Twitter to make their “Ranked-Timeline” so that users will not miss any single tweet, even if they are following a lot of users.

2. Coca-Cola- Ever wonder Coca-Cola using Machine Learning Language? Coca-Cola makes use of Tensor-Flow to run its Digital Marketing Campaigns, which involves image classification using deep neural networks for the bottle caps of Coca-Cola beverages.

3. Airbnb- Airbnb make use of Tensor-Flow to improve its guest or Customer experience by classifying images and detecting objects at a scale.

4. GE healthcare- GE healthcare has trained a neural network by making use of Tensor-Flow to identify specific anatomy during brain MRIs to improve the reliability and the Speed of MRIs.

TensorFlow Supporst the following Operating Systems (64-bit Operating Systems):

  • Raspbian 9.0 or later.

  • macOS 10.12.6, or later (but no GPU support)

  • Ubuntu 16.04 or later.

  • Windows 7 or later.

Prerequisites understanding for Machine Learning

The user should good programmer. The user should know about Python and have experience in it, because the programming exercises are in Python. But in case of experienced programmer, they can complete the programming exercises without making use of Python Programming.

User Must be comfortable with variables, Statistics, Graph of functions, Linear equations, and Calculus.

The users need to learn the topics that are discussed below to make a good grip in machine learning-

  • Alzebra,

  • Logarithms, and Logarithmic Equations

  • Variable,

  • Co-efficients

  • Functions

  • Sigmoid Function

  • Linear Equations

  • Python Programming

  • If/Else Conditional Blocks and Conditional Expressions

  • Variables, Assignment, Basic Data Type 

  • String Formatting

  • Dictionaries, Lists, Sets

  • Defining and Calling Functions, using Positional and Keyword Parameters

  • For Loops, for Loops with Multiple Iterator Variables

  • Bash Terminal / Cloud Console


  • Bash Reference Manual

  • Bash Cheatsheet

  • Learn Shell

  • Linear Alzebra

  • Tensor Rank

  • Matrix Multiplication

  • Tensor

  • Statistics 

  • Mean, Median, Outliers

  • Standard Deviation

  • Ability to read histogram

  • Mode 

  • Trigonometry

  • Tanh (discussed as an Activation Function)

  • Calculus

  • Concept of Derivative

  • Partial Derivatives

  • Slope/ Gradient

  • Chain Rule

Installation Steps of Tensor-Flow

Before installing Tensor-Flow, we have to Install these-

Install Python 


Install PIP

Note: PIP is already given in Python 3.5.x onwards

Set up a virtual Environment

To set up a virtual environment, use this command-

Users\Kislay>pip install virtualenv

After using this, use this command-

C:\Users\Kislay>pip install TensorFlow

 After doing this the process is done. After doing this user have to install the Tensor-Flow to use its deep-learning capabilities to create something new.


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