In Search Of Some Entertainment Strippers In Adelaide?

If you were looking for some entertainment strippers Adelaide, you have selected the correct article as it will provide you with a variety of information regarding performance as well and entertainment to tutoring and some entertainment strippers Adelaide.


Australian award-winning International entertainer, performer, and stripper Dante Rossi is the one name for your parties and entertainment needs.


Dante has been working with this team and it is his experience that has enabled him to capture the hearts of many and reign over the Adult industry in Australia.

Hiring a Perth strippers for a party is something uncommon for an occasion you wish to celebrate.


About Dante Rossi


Dante Rossi was mentored as well as guided by Joseph Farrugia or Madame Josephine. Dante Rossi has been bestowed with honors and titles from the adult industry in Australia.




If you are looking for some entertainment strippers Adelaide or Brisbane then you can simply click on the link and visit the online portal of Dante Rossi. Be it your Bachelorette party or bucks party, hens party or LGBTQ+ party, birthday party you can easily book the international entertainment stripper Adelaide, Dante Rossi at an affordable price and add some spice to your life.


What can make you a successful stripper in Adelaide?


● You should be punctual professional and reliable, communicable

● You should be over 18 years of age

● Posses fit and toned physique

● Positive attitude, confidence, and pride in appearance.


So, what are you waiting for? Click on the link and enjoy some entertainment strippers in Adelaide.

Award-Winning Adult Entertainment Agency Adelaide

Want to learn more about the Award Winning Adult Entertainment Agency adelaide? Dante Rossi is the Australian premiere award-winning International Male entertainer and performer and he is available for providing professional tutoring and receive mentoring, training, guidance as well as support for aspiring performers, entertainers, and dancers that would help you to become successful in the adult entertainment industry in Australia.


Awards and honors


Dante Rossi,along with his International agency won several awards and is one of the popular names in the entertainment industry of Australia. The owners that have been bestowed upon him have been listed below.


● Best Striptease agency (2014)

● Best male stripper(2015)

● Alpha male award (2015)

● Best dance group (2016)


Choreographed shows: A number of shows are choreographed by Dante Rossi which you can select for your upcoming event and or parties:


● G string show

● Tame show

● Specialty show

● Raunchy show

● Live nude drawing

● Slacks and bowtie host

● topless host


Looking For An Adult Male Performer In Adelaide


You are looking for an adult male performer in Adelaide then there can be no better choice than Dante Rossi.




Dante Rossi was mentored, guided, and trained by Joseph Farrugia. He is still guided by Joseph Farrugia. He has many years of experience in the events and entertainment industry. He began his career in his late teens and is one of the highest-ranking entertainers in Europe (Italy) and Australia.


Dante Rossi, the adult male performer in Adelaide previously owned Dante Entertainment in 2013 but sold it in 2018. He is widely accepted for his words and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. In addition to this, he has traveled around Australia, major cities and rural areas and Italy. He has successfully made numerous promotions for media and appearances through radio and television.




You can easily receive services from Dante Rossi and the agency on the event of birthday parties, hens and bucks' parties, LGBTQ+ parties as well as bachelorette parties.


You need to click on the link and visit the portal where you can request for the male performer in Adelaide.

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