Best maths books for JEE Main 2022 preparation

All over the internet, sources have a lot of study material available for purchase, rent, and free to prepare for the JEE Main 2022 preparations. However, how do you decide which one is the best JEE Main book for you? The books and sources you refer to need to be necessarily the best so that they help you acquire a good understanding of your concepts and plant the roots for a deep foundation of knowledge and information. Following are several JEE Main books that have been run through experts and recognised as the best for your equipped preparation for the exam. 

The best maths books for JEE Main 2022

In order to have an understanding and conceptual knowledge of your mathematics, it is important to know all the concepts in depth. You need to have dozens of practice sessions to make sure that you can answer all types of equations, however complicated. Here are a few JEE Main books that will help you get thorough with your math preparations. 

  1. Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma: This book will make you thorough with all the basic concepts of mathematics and will make complicated applications easier. 

  2. New Pattern Mathematics (IIT-JEE) by SK Goyal is yet another book for the basics, but with an upgraded difficulty level. It covers complex numbers, series and sequences, calculus, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, and binomial theorems. 

  3. Plane Trigonometry by SL Loney: Plane trigonometry, as the name suggests, is a comprehensive book that deals with trigonometric identities, ratios, applications and logarithms. The book is great for students preparing for mathematical courses, especially those related to JEE IIT. Additionally, the book also contains several practice papers, both solved and unsolved, for thorough revision so that you can recheck if you know your concepts well enough. 

  4. The elements of coordinate geometry by SL Loney: This is yet another brilliant book by SL Loney that deals with the concepts of coordinate geometry in a surprisingly comprehensive manner. The entire book has been distributed into seventeen topics. It includes algebraic results, locus, coordinates, lengths of lines and areas of triangles, and so many more complicated concepts. 

  5. IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main and Advanced) by ML Khanna: This book covers all mathematics problems, right from the most basic ones to the most complicated ones. It also presents practice problems that you need to thoroughly understand to score well in the JEE Main exam. 

  6. Differential Calculus for JEE Main and Advanced by Amit M Agarwal: This book is a widely acclaimed and reputed book that deals with integrals and functional derivatives and all other concepts specifically tested in the JEE exams. The book contains an account of the questions asked in the last decade to make students familiar with their topics. Integral Calculus For JEE Main and Advanced by the same author is also very useful for the examination. 

  7. Play with graphs by Amit M Agarwal: This book is highly recommended among the JEE Main books and accounts for a detailed understanding of graphical concepts. Graphs form an important part of the JEE syllabus and should therefore be thoroughly dealt with. 

  8. Complete Mathematics for JEE Main by Ravi Prakash (and two others) is specifically designed for JEE aspirants. Covering the entire syllabus, this book is a foundation of information that will equip you fully with all the required concepts. Theory, practice questions, solved questions, and examples align the chapters to ensure that the quality of information delivered is not altered. This book is highly recommended for a detailed explanation of topics.

Being thorough with the structure of the question paper and knowing which topics to focus more on is very necessary in order to score as you desire in your examination. Make a list and go through the paper format and plan accordingly so that you ace it!

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