What Makes the 2022 Honda Civic Si an Interesting Car

One of the most interesting cars from Honda is the 2022 Honda Civic Si. It is a well-balanced vehicle with an ideal ratio of driving traits and performance. This vehicle offers improved performance when compared with its earlier versions and better features to make it exciting for people.

Contacting Castro Valley Honda dealer will aid in booking a test drive as well as all the deals that are available for potential customers. However, take a sneak peek into this vehicle before taking any step!

Powertrain upgraded

Since most things are upgraded, it is better to start with the powertrain and its performance. 2022 Civic Si comes with four-cylinder 1.5L turbocharged engine that produces 200 horsepower and torque of 192 lb-ft. This power reaches front wheels with assistance from a manual six-speed transmission and standard slip differential. For now, Honda isn’t offering any automatic option for this vehicle.

This engine is enhanced used wider torque curve and also sound remarkable due to its upgraded exhaust system. Also, Honda claimed that its shifter will have improved feel and shorter throw for better driving experience of people.

Also, the new version comes with a longer wheelbase along with broader rear track and stiffer structure than any model of its previous generations. Moreover, to improve the overall vehicle Honda has added chassis parts that are used in Civic Type R models. Lastly, it comes with bigger brake rotors when compared with ordinary Civic as well as summer tires.

Furthermore, it is more fuel-efficient than most cars in this category.It provides a fuel economy of 27 mpg in cities and 37 mpg on highways. However, this does depend a lot on the driving style of a driver.

Plush interior

Upgrades have been made for the interior portion also. Sports seats are added along with unique Si logo etched on headrests. Also, the contrasting red stitches along with a few other aspects is how people can easily differentiate between a regular 2022 Civic and 2022 Civic Si.

The red stitching has been extended to steering wheel, door, and various other surfaces that helps in reminding people of its sportiness. Also, the gauge cluster of this vehicle comes with a digital tachometer and analog speedometer. Similar to an ordinary Civic, this car will hold 6 carry-ons in its trunk and back seat has ample leg space for comfortable traveling.

Starting price of Si

The 2022 Civic Si comes in just one version; this model costs $28,315. It is equipped with features and improvements that make it far better than its predecessors. You can know about available deals and pricing of Si in detail if you visit any Honda dealer serving Castro Valley.

All the transformations, upgrades, and more makes the 2022 Honda Civic Si an interesting car to buy. If you are in the market for a sedan, then you won’t get a better choice than this vehicle. Hence, it is suggested to at least take a test ride before you determine whether you want to purchase this car.

So, stop waiting and hurry!


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