Tips for Class 6th Math Olympiad

There is a huge difference between the course that is prescribed by the school and what is asked in Olympiads of any subject. If we consider math it needs so much practice even at a basic level that committing to appear for the Olympiad is a big deal. No one should hesitate to admit that maths needs a lot of practice and a reasoning mind to solve each question. Many students do not prefer math as their favourite subject and the only reason is they never understood the concept in-depth and whatever they solve for school exams is just a superficial mugged up concept. How does taking part in the math olympiad change anything? Well, it is as simple as that when a child will get to learn about the basics properly to solve higher-level equations, the keenness towards the subject will increase. Students who are in 6th standard should keep in mind that proper guidance will play a vital role here. Parents should look for a child's needs and make them understand the sensitivity of the exam if they are unaware of it. 

What is an Olympiad?

The Olympiad is nothing but a competitive exam that helps children to see their potential in various subjects like science, math, computer, language, etc. This exam takes place at different levels such as regional, state, national and international. Children from countries around the world participate in the Olympiad and thus make it an international academic event. Olympiad helps in finding children who have great academic skills and have a keenness towards education more than anything. For logically sharp brain functioning, Olympiad exams are perfect as children get a chance to brush up on the concepts they neglect for years. To promote subjects and the logical ability of students, SOF ( Science Olympiad Foundation ) and many other organizations take the duty to take these exams. Students who are in 6th standard might be aware of the importance of the olympiad but will need a source of inspiration to work vividly. 

What is a Math Olympiad?

For anyone who loves numbers and thinks that they can solve any kind of equations because they are keen to do that, they should consider taking part in the Math Olympiad as it helps students in getting the right mindset about the subject. Math Olympiad is promoted to uplift mathematics as a subject and to make children aware of the potential they carry. Students are also rewarded with certificates, medals and those who do exceptionally well in the exam also get the chance of getting a scholarship. Students of 6th standard will have to deal with a few difficulties because it is the grade when the Indian Mathematics Syllabus usually goes from basic level to somewhat a higher level and introduction of new and unheard topics takes place. Students of this group should sit for Olympiad as it will help them in detecting the interest they have and will also be beneficial for parents to recognise if the child is capable of doing what they expect. Children will have to deal with higher math for this examination. 

How to prepare for class 6th Math Olympiad?

Right, and special preparation is needed for securing a good rank in Math Examination. An accurate preparation strategy is the only way one can crack the exam with flying colours. Follow the given points:

  1. Get the basics clear 

The most important thing to do before starting the main preparation is to clear the basics. Students will have to revise their previous class’ math before jumping on any other thing. In addition, subtraction, multiplication and other basic mathematics should be common and children should be able to solve these things in a fast manner. 

  1. Understand the syllabus 

Once you are done with the basics, you can go for the NCERT book of 6th grade. First complete that then look out what are the topics that are left behind in the Olympiad’s syllabus. The syllabus of the math olympiad will vividly cover topics from 5th,6th and 7th standard mathematics for a regional level examination. Students must understand that the marking scheme and weightage of the particular topic should affectthe  the preparation. Topics with higher weightage should be done in a more detailed manner than the rest. 

  1. Pick up the right material 

Many publications offer good quality books for Olympiad preparation but it is also important to realise a child’s needs before buying such books. If the child is capable enough to solve the equations directly as the basics are clear then higher-level books will be the best but if one has to clear the basics and understand the logic behind the formulas then a book that will serve these purposes should be bought. Always remember, the right material is more effective than a famous material. 

  1. Follow a definite timetable 

Following a fixed timetable will help children in covering every topic with ease and will increase the confidence level as well. Sticking to a definite timetable will be eventful in focusing in a much effective way. Take small breaks during studies for concentrating more and divide the timetable in such a manner that one will be able to study every topic without any worries/ 

  1. Prepare notes 

While studying for the olympiad, do not forget to prepare notes as this will give you comprehensive as well as handy revision of the chapter whenever needed. Chapter-wise note-making strategy is the best way to deal with mathematics as it will not be time-consuming and you will get all the things you need in one notebook for the revision. Do not forget to highlight the formulas you forget easily. 

  1. Look for previous year class 6th maths olympiad question paper 

Always remember to solve previous year question papers as it will help you in getting an idea of how questions will be asked. Give mock tests to increase the speed and get an all-over experience of legitimate olympiad exams with multiple-choice questions. 


Students should participate in Math Olympiad to gain an overall experience of a competitive exam that will help in building their confidence and will also help in developing stress maintenance skills required for such exams in future. 

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