The Sure Path to Building a Strong Brand


If you’re reading this, you know better than to take renowned brands for granted. It takes more than closing your eyes and picking the first name, color, and tagline that come to mind. Choosing a brand involves creating a logo and slogan that link easily your identity, product, and service you provide.


There are brands that only specific generations can identify with, while others will cross such boundaries. The latter is the dream. Think about a brand that lives forever and reflects your culture and values. Your name and logo will be inseparable from your reputation and livelihood; give them the thought they deserve.


The Business Name

Some prefer to use their actual names for their business names with varying success. However, most people will think more about their particular services and products. You want a name that is both clever and sparks an association with the products themselves.

Before settling on one name, try getting labels and business cards printed out. Let them marinate as you share them with family and friends who can give you honest opinions. Someone might improve on your idea. Since you’ll be married to the name for long, be sure it’s the one.

Consider how your name looks on product labels and how easy it is to pronounce it. Think about its clarity when in small print. Remember that it may become cliché, bland, or too cutesy if you have a pun in mind. Ensure that the name lends itself to an image or logo easily. Avoid names that are too similar to those of your competition, as well as any that can be misinterpreted. Your business name is also your brand name, and this will be featured heavily in all your primary and secondary packaging, such as boxes and custom printed tissue.

Existing and Sound-Alike Names

You don’t want to create a perception that your brand is hitching a ride on any of your competitors. This would lead to a negative perception. Your products will seem unoriginal, and your success will be hampered. When thinking about your business name, you should see other brands as your competition, so you don’t end up borrowing brand aspects from them.

Choose a name that no one will ever associate with anything but your brand and products. Search for existing names in the available databases to avoid similarities. These databases include the site for the Secretary of State in your location and the Small Business Administration.


Make it Official

When you’ve chosen a name and brand, you must trademark it so that no one else can use it. Apply for a business license, DBA (doing business as) publication, and fulfill any other industry requirements that you need for the name.

Website Domain Name

Having a matching website domain name and a brand name is another reason you should come up with a unique name. A company without a website is bound for failure. You can look up domain names and register yours on various domain registrars, such as GoDaddy. Ensure that your business name or/and what it stands for is discernible in your domain name.


People register new domain names daily, so you should get your registered ASAP before someone who has the same idea takes yours. Some will even register domain names so that they can sell them later at a higher price.

A word to the wise: register a .com domain extension, instead of .net, .info, .biz, etc. The .com is the most widely used one, and potential customers will find or even guess it easier when looking for your services. When your competitor has your .com domain version, you will lose a lot of business.

Social Media

If you’re not very active on social media for your company, you’re really late to the party. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are filled with businesses marketing their brands and products. Social platforms work wonders in connecting with customers and optimizing positive customer experiences. Social media is an incredibly effective way of building a brand reputation.

Bottom Line: Going Wrong in Choosing a Brand Equals to Failure

Once you have chosen a brand name and started working on your reputation, you’re sure to be proud of it all. That’s how you get to give your brand its own life and identity. Well-cultivated brands will even outlive you, reflecting your company, culture, and products for years to come.

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