9 Cool Upgrades for Your Bike


There are so many different upgrades you can make to your bike. Some of these include handlebars, tires, seats, brakes, and more. Your bike is a huge part of your life. Whether you're biking to work, school, or just for fun, having the right equipment can make all the difference in your experience. In this article, we will be discussing nine cool upgrades for your bike that you may not have considered before!

  1. Install a Rack on your Bike

The first upgrade you can make is to install a rack on your bike. Many modern bikes come with racks installed, but if not, it's an easy and inexpensive upgrade that will allow you to carry more around town without worrying about getting a second bicycle. You can easily attach baskets or panniers for carrying groceries or other goods as well!

  1. Add Bike Wheel Lights

Another cool upgrade is to add some bike wheel lights. This allows you to ride your bicycle at night without the fear of being hit by a car because they can see you coming! These lights are easily attached to either side of your tire and use energy from the wheels themselves, making them power efficient as well.

  1. Tires with Better Traction

Another thing you may want to consider upgrading from the standard factory option is tires with better traction. If your current ones are worn down, cracked, or just plain flat, replace them, so you have complete control over where your bike goes in wet conditions. It might be time for new grips as well!

You can consider replacing the tires with new ones that are wider and provide better traction overall. This upgrade is one of the best ways to make sure you have total control over where your bike goes at all times! When they're wet outside, it's even easier to lose grip, so having some nice wide tires can give you a little extra room for error if necessary. You might want to look into installing new front brake pads as well because these wear out quickly when riding in wet conditions. These upgrades may seem expensive but trust us; they're worth it!

  1. Reflective Tape

One final cool upgrade we recommend looking into is buying reflective tape for your bike. Whether it's at night or during the day, having your whole bike covered in reflective tape will keep you much safer and help you avoid accidents. It's a great way to ensure that cars and other bikers can spot where you're going and what direction it is in!

  1. Add a Basket for Carrying Groceries

Using a basket for carrying groceries or other goods is a great way to upgrade your bike. If you're constantly bringing things with you every day, the best option may be purchasing a new basket for carrying some of those items instead. Doing so can help ensure that your back and shoulders stay as healthy as possible!

  1. Headlamp Installation

We want to mention that you can buy headlamps for your bike to make it easier to see at night. Installing one of these on your handlebars will allow you to enjoy biking around town long after the sun has gone down. This may be a great option if you have any major commutes or are just an avid rider who doesn't want their routine disrupted by darkness!

  1. Replacing the Bike Grips

Replacing old, cracked grips with rubber ones is another great upgrade to consider. Once your factory-installed grips wear down or begin to crack and crumble, it's time for replacements that will stay grippy even when wet! If they're torn up and worn out from several years of use, don't hesitate to spend a few extra dollars on some replacement grips that won't slip anymore when wet or dry! Your hands will thank you later as well because these will keep you safe during your rides and more comfortable.

  1. Install a Bell so Cars can Hear you Coming 

Another thing you can add to your bike is a bell to let cars know where you're going and when they should expect you. If yours doesn't already have one, this upgrade will allow them to hear you coming from behind so that there are no surprises! That way, if they're backing up or about to pull out of their driveway without looking in front of themselves, the sound of the bell will warn them that someone is approaching on two wheels.

  1. Tune-up your Brakes Regularly

One final upgrade that might be useful is making sure your brakes are tuned up regularly. If you're not the most mechanically-inclined person out there, then it's best to find a bike shop or someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to taking apart and putting back together with different parts of two-wheeled vehicles!

You've just read nine cool upgrades for your bike that will make it look better, perform better and be more comfortable. We hope these features inspire you to think about what new additions could work well with your current ride!

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