Switching From Natural Gas to LPG

The heating and cooling method in your house is one of the essential systems. You need to have an effective heating and cooling system to keep your house comfortable. Besides heating and cooling systems, the cooking fuel you prepare food should also be efficient, cost-effective, and durable. 


Natural gas is currently serving as heating and cooking fuel for many users around the world. However, LPG has been the number one fuel that performs effectively in comparison to natural gas. Recently many people have been shifting from natural gas to LPG for their commercial and residential uses. This article will describe the benefits of shirting to LPG and how you can convert your natural gas appliances to LPG. Read on!




LPG is preferred as a cooking fuel because of its environmental benefits. LPG is regarded as a clean fuel and does not harm the environment. It does not emit any harmful residues as it completely burns away. In comparison to any other cooking or heating fuel, LPG generates the least amount of carbon dioxide, and the amounts of harmful nitrogen oxides and other particle emissions are negligible. Hence, if not for anything else, you should choose to shift to LPG for environmental reasons.




LPG contains twice as much energy as natural gas; hence, LPG is more efficient. In other words, you need only half the quantity of LPG compared to natural gas to produce equal amounts of energy. LPG gas supplier provide their services and offer LPG in different sizes in Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Toowoomba. You can buy bottled LPG or a complete 45KG tank. Irrespective of the size, propane is highly efficient.


Cost and Availability

Natural gas requires selective equipment and a proper pipeline to reach your houses. It is not available at all places, and the special pipeline construction for the same makes it cost more than LPG. in simple words, LPG is easily available to people across the world. You can take home LPG bottles, cylinders and even get a tank installed in your backyard. In addition, the LPG pipelines are pre-installed in many countries; thus, you do not have to pay extra for those. Less fuel usage at affordable prices is something that everyone likes.


Conversion of Your Appliances from Natural to LPG fuel.

LPG and Natural Gas are both fossil ammunition; thus, burn similarly, but you need to convert your appliances when you decide to shift from natural gas to LPG. Although you can easily convert most appliances to LPG from natural gas appliances, refuse to convert. Natural gas is kept at a dizzier pressure; thus, the appliances are not ready to bear the high pressure of propane even after making the required changes.

Moreover, if you are planning to convert the appliance yourself, ensure that you have the conversion kit handy for your appliances. Most appliances are prepared to be used with natural gas; however, you will first need to change it to a natural gas-powered stove if you have an electric appliance.

Now, you can convert it to an LPG-powered stove using the conversion kit. The most significant part of conversion is to change the orifices of the stove. Natural gas stoves have bigger orifices. However, LPG-powered stoves need to have smaller orifices to prevent excessive loss of propane.


Professional Help

It would help ensure that all the valves and switches are duly changed, keeping the requirements in mind. Therefore, it is proposed that you choose professional help to complete the conversion process for your appliances. If you reside in Australia, you can contact Plus Gas Agency to cover your appliance conversion needs. Additionally, they are one of the best LPG gas suppliers in Australia. Interestingly, they also offer home delivery and LPG tank installation for you. However, if you feel you can make the changes yourself, ensure that you follow all the instructions mentioned on the conversion kit to convert the appliance safely.


Adjust the Settings

After the conversion process is complete, it is recommended to recheck the settings and adjust them as per the requirements. As both the fuels have different densities, therefore, you need to be very sure about getting the conversion right. Lack of proper settings can lead to wastage of propane and even lead to leakage, which could be hazardous for everyone. So, follow the ground rule; safety is security, and double-check the appliances.

Final Words

Shifting from natural gas to LPG is a huge task involving converting the appliances and installing LPG tanks. However, for cost-efficiency and environmental safety, this shift is a necessity. Though LPG is extracted from natural gas, it has more energy particles. Hence, it gives better performance. Harmful emissions from LPG are close to negligible; thus, it is safe for use at home. You can convert the appliances by yourself or take some professional help. LPG gas suppliers offer services to convert your existing appliances into LPG-powered at affordable prices.

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