Installing A Smart Lock for Your Home

Leaving your house unattended for any number of days or hours is nerve-wrenching. The constant thought of something wrong happening back at home keeps running in your mind. Practically, an unattended or locked house is a prime target for burglars. Therefore, it is important to have a lock that saves your house from any theft or burglary.


Although the traditional lock and key have stood the test of time and saved houses in all sorts of conditions, burglars have now learned the ways to hack locks and keys. Thus, you need to up your security game. The smartest way to do it is to install a smart lock built with the latest security technology in your home. Read on to find out how installing a smart lock for your home will benefit you.

Access Control Solutions

With the advancement in technology, smart locks now offer access control solutions to assign separate entry codes to members for entering the home. A few smart locks even keep a record of all the people who entered the house so that you can check it for yourself. 

In addition, you can also give temporary codes to people when you are out on vacation. These codes will work only for the entry and exit systems and can be time accessed. The person will not be able to tamper with any settings on the lock. Hence you can safely share a temporary code and nullify it when you are back from vacation.


No more lockouts or Hiding the keys

Installing a smart lock in your home also provides the much-needed solution for the biggest problem with the traditional lock and key system; the lockout. Smart Lock offers Bluetooth unlocking, mobile unlocking, fingerprint, and any other ways which will not need you to carry a key.


Additionally, you will not have to keep a hideout place for keeping your keys for someone when you are out. Keeping your keys in the vicinity can still be an open invitation for burglars. They may find out the hideout by following you or keeping an eye on yoru for days. However, a smart lock will be a one-stop solution to such lockouts and hideouts.



Staying in Australia, you can get smart locks installed by the best central coast locksmith, All Coast Locksmith. They provide their service all around Australia. They have professional locksmiths who visit your house and install smart locks. They are also trained to suggest the best smart locks as per your surroundings and within your budget. All Coast Locksmith provides both residential and commercial locksmith services.


Boost the Security

You can connect your smart locks with your home security system by downloading a simple application on your mobile when the guests or family members forget to lock the door. You can do it with a single tap on the mobile.

Some smart locks turn on the locking mechanism automatically, as they sense that there is no activity for a certain time.


Adds Aesthetics to your Home

There are several designs of smart locks. You can pick the one that matches the interiors and exteriors of your house. For example- If you need a doorknob style, you can get a smart lock installed in that design. However, if you need a futuristic keyless smart lock on your door, You have the option to choose that also.


Security Alarms

You can integrate your smart lock with an alarm system that will notify you whenever someone tries to intrude on the house. Since assigning unique codes to people, the lock will send you a push notification whenever someone out of time or without a security code tries to enter the house. In addition, if you have any video recording device inside or outside your house, you can check it sitting far from your house and call the cops if necessary.


Final Words

Smart locks have come as a relief to homeowners. They can now go on vacations and long tours without being worried about the security of their house. It is an initial investment, but these smart locks are durable and do not cost any maintenance. You can wipe them with a soft cloth yourself, and that is all the maintenance. Installing a smart lock in your home will help you keep a record of all the people who enter your house. You can also integrate it with other home security devices such as cameras and alarm systems to keep a close eye on your house.


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